Watching over Oak Grove's Dome practice.

Vic Dalrymple and Don Shows at the Bayou Jam Media Day

Vic Dalrymple

Oak Grove Football Head Coach from 1981-2012

Coach Dalrymple is what you might call the "Founder of the Feast." This thing that we have built, Oak Grove Football, is bigger than him but it definitely would not be the same without him. The difference that he has made in this program is immeasurable. Sure, there have been people before him and there will be people after him, but no one has put their mark on this place like he has. The numbers speak for themselves...

  • 312 wins (5th all-time when he retired at the end of 2012)
  • 4 State Championships (None before him)
  • 7 Superdome Prep Classic Appearances (Only 1 finals appearance before him)
  • 19 District Championships (only 4 before him)
  • 18 Ten-win seasons (only 3 before him)
  • 2 Time LSWA Coach of the Year  (1986 and 1989)

​...still not in the Hall of Fame.

Vic Dalrymple and Joey Pender at the Bayou Jam Media Day

Coach Vic Dalrymple on the sideline with Brad Nix and Shane Cupples

Coach Dalrymple with Danny Pardon & Ryan Gregory in the 2001 Prep Classic

Bad day against Dunham in the Dome in 2004

Coach Dalrymple and Jason Mathes in 1989

Coach Dalrymple introducing his Oak Grove players at the Bayou Jam

Coach V.R. Dalrymple giving instructions to his son, #4 QB Vic Dalrymple in 1970

Coach Dalrymple giving instructions to #53 Frank Williams in 1989.

Coach Dalrymple carried off the field in 1999 after beating Kentwood.

Coach Dalrymple and QB Ty Rollinson in 2001

Last minute Superdome practice instructions

Coach Dalrymple checking the clock in the Superdome.

14-0 Productions

Oak Grove RB Kevin Brown and Coach Dalrymple in 1999 at the All-Northeast LA Football Banquet

Dalrymple Era 1981-2012

YEAR  Record   Honors             
2012    (6-6)      District Champions    
2011    (6-6)      District Runner-up  
2010    (7-5)        
2009    (11-3)    District Champions    
2008    (8-5)      District Co-Champions    
2007    (10-3)    District Runner-up   
2006    (8-4)      District Champions    
2005    (11-2)    District Champions    
2004    (12-3)    District Champions    State Runner-Up
2003    (9-4)      District Champions    
2002    (11-3)    District Runner-up    
2001    (14-1)    District Runner-up     State Champions
2000    (12-1)    District Champions    
1999    (14-0)    District Champions    State Champions
1998    (13-1)    District Champions    
1997    (12-3)    District Runner-up     State Runner-Up
1996    (8-4)      District Runner-up   
1995    (8-4)      District Co-Champions    
1994    (9-3)      District Champions    
1993    (11-3)    District Champions    
1992    (11-3)    District Champions    
1991    (14-0)    District Champions    State Champions
1990    (12-2)    District Champions    
1989    (12-3)    District Champions    State Champions
1988    (10-3)    District Co-Champions    
1987    (10-3)    District Runner-up    
1986    (12-2)    District Champions    State Runner-Up
1985    (5-5)      District Runner-up  
1984    (6-5)        
1983    (6-4)        
1982    (5-6)        
1981    (9-4)      District Runner-up  

On a personal note, this man means so much to so many people in Oak Grove. He's touched the lives of so many young men, including myself. He showed us how to work, not to give up, and to push ourselves to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done. This man held me accountable, gave me tough love, and reached out to me when i was down. I would personally follow this man to the gates of hell to do battle. I will always be grateful....

Thanks Coach.    - Ray Butler

Looking over the field in 2001 against Port Sulphur