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Louisiana Sports Writers Association Football All-State 


  • From 1916 to 1946, the "official" All-State teams were selected by Harry Martinez of the New Orleans Daily States.

  • After that, from 1947-1955 All-State teams were selected by Associated Press and United Press International.

  • The Louisiana Sports Writers Association has been selecting All-State teams since the 1956.

  • There have been 8,403 players elected to the LSWA All-State First Team since 1916.

  • ​In 1963, the Louisiana Sports Writers Association began selecting an "Outstanding Back" and "Outstanding Lineman" for each classification. In 1971, the award was changed to "MVP." It was given to an offensive and a defensive player.




1916 End Boatner Boys High
1916 End Blumenthal New Iberia
1916 Tackle Dutton, John Minden
1916 Tackle Poche Boys High
1916 Guard Pender Baton Rouge
1916 Guard Landry New Iberia
1916 Center Harper Bolton
1916 Quarterback Shepard, Bob Boys High
1916 Fullback Sherwood, Francis Boys High
1916 Halfback Benoit Shreveport
1916 Halfback Acosta Baton Rouge

1917 End Richeson Boys High
1917 End Favrot Baton Rouge
1917 Tackle Rowe Vivian
1917 Tackle Fridge Baton Rouge
1917 Guard Dodgens Baton Rouge
1917 Guard Daly Boys High
1917 Center Bentz Boys High
1917 Quarterback Hoagh Minden
1917 Fullback Ferguson Shreveport
1917 Halfback McFarland Baton Rouge
1917 Halfback Ogden Boys High

1919 End Smith Winnfield
1919 End Clements Shreveport
1919 Tackle Durham Winnfield
1919 Tackle Gayer Bogalusa
1919 Guard Sinclair Warren Easton
1919 Guard Rodrigue Patterson
1919 Center Schorling Warren Easton
1919 Quarterback Long Winnfield
1919 Fullback Ramey Bogalusa
1919 Halfback Lewis Warren Easton
1919 Halfback Arlington Shreveport

1920 End Bynum Shreveport
1920 End Forgey Morgan City
1920 Tackle Durham Winnfield
1920 Tackle Besselman Warren Easton
1920 Guard Daigle Patterson
1920 Guard Connell Minden
1920 Center Wood Winnfield
1920 Quarterback Higginbotham Baton Rouge
1920 Fullback Hirsch Warren Easton
1920 Halfback Phelps, Taylor Shreveport
1920 Halfback Barrkley Warren Easton

1921 End Weaver, Otto Natchitoches Central
1921 End Gooch Patterson
1921 Tackle Miller Shreveport
1921 Tackle Estill Warren Easton
1921 Guard Giordan Morgan City
1921 Guard Middleton Warren Easton
1921 Center Wall Baton Rouge
1921 Quarterback Legett Warren Easton
1921 Fullback Dutton, Charlie Minden
1921 Halfback Stephenson Shreveport
1921 Halfback Nicaud Warren Easton

1922 End Fountain Lake Charles
1922 End Robinson Homer
1922 Tackle Semich, Louis Shreveport
1922 Tackle Thorgeson, Caesar Morgan City
1922 Guard Rockhold Bolton
1922 Guard Middleton Warren Easton
1922 Center Wahl Baton Rouge
1922 Quarterback Higginbotham Baton Rouge
1922 Fullback Hogg, George "Blue" Haynesville
1922 Halfback McCarrol Warren Easton
1922 Halfback Gill Ruston

1923 End Robinson Homer
1923 End Callender Haynesville
1923 Tackle Simpson Minden
1923 Tackle Giordana Morgan City
1923 Guard Flood Shreveport
1923 Guard Newton Winnfield
1923 Center Walls Baton Rouge
1923 Quarterback Mason, Charles Homer
1923 Fullback Reeves Lake Charles
1923 Halfback McCarrol Warren Easton
1923 Halfback Maitland, Don Morgan City

1924 End Aby, ? Baton Rouge
1924 End Brown Bolton
1924 Tackle Speights Shreveport
1924 Tackle Jarrell Haynesville
1924 Guard Newton Winnfield
1924 Guard Montet Morgan City
1924 Center Connell Minden
1924 Quarterback Phelps, Joe "Polly" Shreveport
1924 Fullback Reeves Lake Charles
1924 Halfback Tinsley, Jess Homer
1924 Halfback Roberts Bogalusa

1925 End Durbin Jonesboro
1925 End Kelly Ruston
1925 Tackle Carpenter Baton Rouge
1925 Tackle Galle Warren Easton
1925 Guard Speights Shreveport
1925 Guard McCullough Minden
1925 Center Barber Bolton
1925 Quarterback Lemmon Patterson
1925 Fullback Zeiderich Ruston
1925 Halfback Banker Lake Charles
1925 Halfback Tetlow, ? Baton Rouge

1926 End Galloway Ruston
1926 End Fleming Lake Charles
1926 Tackle McCullum Minden
1926 Tackle Montet Morgan City
1926 Guard Jarrell Haynesville
1926 Guard Pressburg Baton Rouge
1926 Center Lashley Warren Easton
1926 Quarterback Hanna, Jake Byrd
1926 Fullback Smith, F Bolton
1926 Halfback Tennile, Mercer Byrd
1926 Halfback Tetlow Baton Rouge

1927 End Leonard Morgan City
1927 End Garrison Monroe
1927 Tackle Giovanni Lake Charles
1927 Tackle DeColigney Warren Easton
1927 Guard Sowers Winnfield
1927 Guard Gunn, Arcadia
1927 Center Roberts Haynesville
1927 Quarterback Keller, Joe Reserve
1927 Fullback Tennille, Mercer Byrd
1927 Halfback Harrison, Fletcher Bastrop
1927 Halfback Smith, Tom Bolton

1928 End Fortenberry Ponchatoula
1928 End Teogarden Winnfield
1928 Tackle Hyde Haynesville
1928 Tackle Torrance, Jack Oak Grove
1928 Guard Penny Bolton
1928 Guard LeBleu, A. Lake Charles
1928 Center Guy Monroe
1928 Quarterback West Warren Easton
1928 Fullback Almokary, Joe Byrd
1928 Halfback Cameron, Ben Homer
1928 Halfback Tschirn Warren Easton

1929 End Gould Hammond
1929 End Calhoun, Shelby Ouachita
1929 Tackle Torrance, Jack Oak Grove
1929 Tackle Bodenger Warren Easton
1929 Guard Camp Homer
1929 Guard Crowe Byrd
1929 Center Cadwallade Baton Rouge
1929 Quarterback Lobdell Baton Rouge
1929 Fullback Hubbard Ruston
1929 Halfback Yates, Bertis Haynesville
1929 Halfback Daigle, Tom Jesuit (NO)

A 1930 End Mullins Warren Easton
A 1930 End Fuqua, Raymond Byrd
A 1930 Tackle Baker, Conway Byrd
A 1930 Tackle Khoury Lake Charles
A 1930 Guard Bass Homer
A 1930 Guard Egan Warren Easton
A 1930 Center Pace Bolton
A 1930 Quarterback Menge Warren Easton
A 1930 Fullback Eady Ponchatoula
A 1930 Halfback Yates, Bertis Haynesville
A 1930 Halfback Daigle, Tom Jesuit (NO)

A 1931 End Daloviso, Peter Lake Charles
A 1931 End Pittman Bolton
A 1931 Tackle Prestridge, Horace Haynesville
A 1931 Tackle Costanza Indepedence
A 1931 Guard Haygood Byrd
A 1931 Guard Pankey Ruston
A 1931 Center Avants, Mack Baton Rouge
A 1931 Quarterback Joint, George Baton Rouge
A 1931 Fullback Daigle Jesuit (NO)
A 1931 Halfback Bryan, Bucky Byrd
A 1931 Halfback Owen Ouachita
A 1932 End Daloviso, Peter Lake Charles
A 1932 End Tinsley, Gaynell Homer
A 1932 Tackle Leisk, Wardell Byrd
A 1932 Tackle Prestridge, Horace Haynesville
A 1932 Guard Moreau, James Warren Easton
A 1932 Guard Baldwin, Marvin Lake Charles
A 1932 Center Avants, Mack Baton Rouge
A 1932 Quarterback Giovanni, Milton Lake Charles
A 1932 Fullback Odom, Troy Oakdale
A 1932 Halfback Toribio, Eddie Jesuit (NO)
A 1932 Halfback Reid, Rock Haynesville
A 1933 End Moses, Roland Lake Charles
A 1933 End Puryear, Orville Byrd
A 1933 Tackle Russo, Rocco Morgan City
A 1933 Tackle Partin, W.B. "Dub" Bossier
A 1933 Guard Moreau, James Warren Easton
A 1933 Guard Goll, Carl Fortier
A 1933 Center Braselton, Harold Haynesville
A 1933 Quarterback Toribio, Eddie Jesuit (NO)
A 1933 Fullback Milner, Guy Bolton
A 1933 Halfback Stansbury, Norman Morgan City
A 1933 Halfback Thomas, Charley Haynesville
A 1934 End Kirchem, William Warren Easton
A 1934 End Jackson, Carl Lafayette
A 1934 Tackle Farmer, Herman Byrd
A 1934 Tackle Goree, J.W. Haynesville
A 1934 Guard Gatto, Ed Commy High
A 1934 Guard Heard, Mack Haynesville
A 1934 Center Monget, Gayle Baton Rouge
A 1934 Quarterback Overdyke, Don Byrd
A 1934 Fullback Milner, Guy Bolton
A 1934 Halfback Booth, Barrett Holy Cross
A 1934 Halfback Banker, Charles Lake Charles

B 1934 End Pire, ? Mangham
B 1934 End Adams, James Varnado
B 1934 Tackle Jackson, "Wash" Delhi
B 1934 Tackle Halloway, R. Tallulah
B 1934 Guard Halloway, H. Tallulah
B 1934 Guard Loillesant, J. Catholic (BR)
B 1934 Center Smith, Lonnie Dubach
B 1934 Quarterback Estillette, Louis Cathedral - Lafayette
B 1934 Fullback Ingam, Pat Delhi
B 1934 Halfback Bruno Slidell
B 1934 Halfback Fornea, "Scrap" Varnado

A 1935 End Pardue, Thurman Bolton
A 1935 End Sherman, Hurshel Haynesville
A 1935 Tackle Kirn, William Jesuit
A 1935 Tackle Poole, Marvin Catholic (BR)
A 1935 Guard Daly, Paul Holy Cross
A 1935 Guard Karpe, Harvard Byrd
A 1935 Center Monget, Gayle Baton Rouge
A 1935 Quarterback Stell, Jabbo Byrd
A 1935 Fullback Guintard, Louis Lake Charles
A 1935 Halfback Friedrichs, L.G. Jesuit
A 1935 Halfback Cajoleas, James Warren Easton

B 1935 End Duke, Pete Springhill
B 1935 End Courtney McKowen
B 1935 Tackle Jarnell, D. Vinton
B 1935 Tackle Benglis, G. Sulphur
B 1935 Guard Murphy, Morris Arcadia
B 1935 Guard Price, Easey Vinton
B 1935 Center Scott, Donald Menard
B 1935 Quarterback Boucher, Gus Springhill
B 1935 Fullback Weartherby, Walt Kenner
B 1935 Halfback Richard, Burnil Vinton
B 1935 Halfback Bennett, Willie Waterproof

A 1936 End Pardue, Thurman Bolton
A 1936 End Hooper, Harold Jesuit
A 1936 Tackle McCain, Clinton Byrd
A 1936 Tackle Redell, Douglas Jennings
A 1936 Guard Goree, J.W. Haynesville
A 1936 Guard Mitchell, Wheeler Ouachita
A 1936 Center Martinez, Billy Warren Easton
A 1936 Quarterback Fresh, Lenny Warren Easton
A 1936 Fullback Eberhardt, Dick Jesuit (NO)
A 1936 Halfback Price, T.J. Bolton
A 1936 Halfback Wroten, Roe Haynesville

B 1936 End Grimes Tallulah
B 1936 End McGee, H. Dubach
B 1936 Tackle Honeycutt, H. Glenmora
B 1936 Tackle Pipes, "Rip" Choudrant
B 1936 Guard Price, Easey Vinton
B 1936 Guard Jackson, Lavelle Delhi
B 1936 Center Gruber, Floyd Rugby
B 1936 Quarterback Colvin, W.A. Dubach
B 1936 Fullback Means, Eddie New Orleans Academy
B 1936 Halfback Simms, Johnny Delhi
B 1936 Halfback Richard, Burnie Vinton

AA 1937 End Stonecipher, Wade Haynesville
AA 1937 End Thomas, L.E. Warren Easton
AA 1937 Tackle Dufour, Charles Byrd
AA 1937 Tackle Poole, Marion Catholic (BR)
AA 1937 Guard Kendrick, Hebert Homer
AA 1937 Guard Caviniss, Roy Byrd
AA 1937 Center Lipkis, Benard Fortier
AA 1937 Quarterback Ryan, Connie Jesuit (NO)
AA 1937 Fullback Bankston, T.J. Istrouma
AA 1937 Halfback Feducia, Guy Byrd
AA 1937 Halfback Price, T.J. Bolton

B 1937 End Tichell, Frank Columbia
B 1937 End Colvin, J.P. Dubach
B 1937 Tackle Whatley, S. Lake Providence
B 1937 Tackle Campbell, Lou Choudrant
B 1937 Guard Paille, Rene St. James
B 1937 Guard Gregory, G. Columbia
B 1937 Center Gruber, Floyd Rugby
B 1937 Quarterback May, Joe Columbia
B 1937 Fullback Perkins, Jimmy Rugby
B 1937 Halfback Hightower, Gerald Arcadia
B 1937 Halfback Simms, Johnny Delhi

AA 1938 End Hall, Ferrell Haynesville
AA 1938 End Thomas, Lou Warren Easton
AA 1938 Tackle Heard, Holley Haynesville
AA 1938 Tackle Bickham, T.E. Homer
AA 1938 Guard Young, George Holy Cross
AA 1938 Guard Lewis, Charles Minden
AA 1938 Center Martin, Milton Catholic (BR)
AA 1938 Quarterback Cashen, Pershing Jesuit (NO)
AA 1938 Fullback Bankston, T.J. Istrouma
AA 1938 Halfback Flemming, Alvin Ouachita
AA 1938 Halfback Mize, Jerry Byrd

B 1938 End Cross, Victor Ferriday
B 1938 End Lanegrasse, Murphy Metairie
B 1938 End Howell, Leon Clarks
B 1938 End Vines, Peter Newellton
B 1938 Tackle Paille, Rene St. James
B 1938 Tackle Vinson Glenmora
B 1938 Guard Manning, Pat Dubach
B 1938 Guard Gani, C LaGrange
B 1938 Center Gruber, Floyd Rugby
B 1938 Quarterback White, Gerald Newellton
B 1938 Fullback Payne, Ozzie Dubach
B 1938 Halfback Perez, Jack New Orleans Academy
B 1938 Halfback Perkins, Jimmy Rugby

AA 1939 End Bickham, James Fair Park
AA 1939 End Boone, Sidney Byrd
AA 1939 Tackle Andrus, Ed Jennings
AA 1939 Tackle Chateau, Louis Warren Easton
AA 1939 Guard Cuccia, Andy Holy Cross
AA 1939 Guard Lewis, Charles Minden
AA 1939 Center Horne, Alfred Fair Park
AA 1939 Quarterback Harris, Sulcer Baton Rouge
AA 1939 Fullback Chadwick, Gene Homer
AA 1939 Halfback Pharr, Bobby Jennings
AA 1939 Halfback Fischer, Ed Fortier
B 1939 End Cross, Victor Ferriday
B 1939 End Howell, Leon Clarks
B 1939 Tackle Paille, Rene St. James
B 1939 Tackle Soland, Henry Rugby
B 1939 Guard Manning, Pat Dubach
B 1939 Guard Cooksey Clarks
B 1939 Center Colvin, Dick Dubach
B 1939 Quarterback Jones, Claude Kentwood
B 1939 Fullback Adams, Ray Kentwood
B 1939 Halfback Lewis Oil City
B 1939 Halfback McMillan, Oscar New Orleans Academy

AA 1940 End Limont, Paul Jesuit
AA 1940 End Charleton, Thomas Istrouma
AA 1940 Tackle Carter, James Byrd
AA 1940 Tackle Heard, Holley Haynesville
AA 1940 Guard Rigdon, Odelle Haynesville
AA 1940 Guard Chaplain, Leon St. Aloysius
AA 1940 Center Elina, Nick Byrd
AA 1940 Quarterback Dark, Alvin Lake Charles
AA 1940 Fullback DiBartolo, Anthony Jesuit
AA 1940 Halfback Key, Oliver Joseph Jesuit
AA 1940 Halfback Tyndall, Lon Lake Charles

A 1940 End Newman, Charles "Hoss" Ponchatoula
A 1940 End Teague, Arthur Ray Bossier
A 1940 Tackle Robinson, George Homer
A 1940 Tackle Gholson Homer
A 1940 Guard Harper Minden
A 1940 Guard Gentry, Aldon Homer
A 1940 Center Doggett Homer
A 1940 Quarterback Hebert, Olten New Iberia
A 1940 Fullback Adkins, Elmo Homer
A 1940 Halfback Ellis, Jack DeQuincy
A 1940 Halfback Forman Bastrop

B 1940 End Cross, Victor Ferriday
B 1940 End Roders, Warren Clarks
B 1940 Tackle Boyd, Dalton Clarks
B 1940 Tackle Paille, Rene St. James
B 1940 Guard Tullos, Melvin Newellton
B 1940 Guard Pernicaro, Pete Maumus
B 1940 Center Aly Newellton
B 1940 Quarterback Curtis, Charles New Orleans Academy
B 1940 Fullback Gisclair, Jim Westwego
B 1940 Halfback Kirkpatrick St. Joseph
B 1940 Halfback Youngblood, Reavis Arcadia

AA 1941 End Charleton, Thomas Istrouma
AA 1941 End O'Brien, Emile Warren Easton
AA 1941 Tackle McInnis, Sam Ouachita
AA 1941 Tackle Ford, Gerald Jesuit
AA 1941 Guard Chaplain, Leon St. Aloysius
AA 1941 Guard Baggett, Al Fair Park
AA 1941 Center Caruso, Lucius Jesuit (NO)
AA 1941 Quarterback Hunter, Bill Bogalusa
AA 1941 Fullback DiBartolo, Tony Jesuit (NO)
AA 1941 Halfback Jackson, Jack Ouachita
AA 1941 Halfback Campora, John St. Aloysius

A 1941 End Pearce, Delbert LaGrange
A 1941 End Ballard, G. Amite
A 1941 Tackle Wray, Warren Ruston
A 1941 Tackle Cooney, J. Baker
A 1941 Guard Gribsby, Luke Minden
A 1941 Guard Solomon, S. Oakdale
A 1941 Center Doggett Homer
A 1941 Quarterback Nagata, Joe Eunice
A 1941 Fullback Barton, A.J. Oakdale
A 1941 Halfback Galloway, E. Lyon
A 1941 Halfback Jones, W.A. "Dub" Ruston

B 1941 End Pearce, W. Arcadia
B 1941 End Dufrene Landry Memorial
B 1941 Tackle Taylor, J. Newellton
B 1941 Tackle Wilson, Hebert Ferriday
B 1941 Guard Tullos, M. Newellton
B 1941 Guard Trapani, F. Catholic (D)
B 1941 Center Rome, L. Catholic (D)
B 1941 Quarterback Jones, F. Kentwood
B 1941 Fullback Landry, T. St. Paul
B 1941 Halfback Landry, R. Catholic (D)
B 1941 Halfback Hart, L. Newellton

AA 1942 End Towns, Milam Ouachita
AA 1942 End Cash, Anthony Holy Cross
AA 1942 Tackle Fisher, Richard Jennings
AA 1942 Tackle Gergich, Dick St. Aloysius
AA 1942 Guard Brunt, G.H. Jennings
AA 1942 Guard Hendrick, Norman Warren Easton
AA 1942 Center Goins, Raleigh Byrd
AA 1942 Quarterback Comeaux Warren Easton
AA 1942 Fullback Prats, Ray Warren Easton
AA 1942 Halfback Broussard, Bill Jennings
AA 1942 Halfback Widmar, Al Jesuit (NO)
A 1942 End Smith, D. Eunice

A 1942 End Goode, B. DeQuincy
A 1942 Tackle Spataro, Camille Bossier
A 1942 Tackle Wray, Warren Ruston
A 1942 Guard Foreman, D. Bastrop
A 1942 Guard Koonce, D. Sulphur
A 1942 Center Chapman, L. Oakdale
A 1942 Quarterback Stagg Eunice
A 1942 Fullback Ellis, Tom DeQuincy
A 1942 Halfback Atkins Homer
A 1942 Halfback Knight, Eugene Bossier

B 1942 End Terrebonne Marrero
B 1942 End Dufrene, C. Landry Memorial
B 1942 Tackle Mistretta Landry
B 1942 Tackle Abney Slidell
B 1942 Guard Martin Gretna
B 1942 Guard Durand St. Paul
B 1942 Center Farbe Marrero
B 1942 Quarterback Romano Gretna
B 1942 Fullback Belaire Landry
B 1942 Halfback Williams Landry
B 1942 Halfback Labrol Landry

AA 1943 End Trouard, Jack Lake Charles
AA 1943 End Bill Kellum Haynesville
AA 1943 Tackle Winters Holy Cross
AA 1943 Tackle Baird, Garnett Byrd
AA 1943 Guard Sedlock, Sidney Warren Easton
AA 1943 Guard Richmond, Wayne Fair Park
AA 1943 Center Didier, Melvin Catholic (BR)
AA 1943 Quarterback White, Foster Byrd
AA 1943 Fullback Coates, Ray Jesuit (NO)
AA 1943 Halfback Price, Eddie Warren Easton
AA 1943 Halfback Collins, Harrell Baton Rouge

A 1943 End Baily, Roy Sulphur
A 1943 End Grace, Billy Tallulah
A 1943 Tackle Gannett, Bill Homer
A 1943 Tackle Katz, Sam Newman
A 1943 Guard Core, Harvey Lyon
A 1943 Guard Ducharme, August Opelousas
A 1943 Center Rojous, Rock Homer
A 1943 Quarterback Crouch, Ernest Sulphur
A 1943 Fullback Gilbert, Jack Tallulah
A 1943 Halfback Bowles Homer
A 1943 Halfback Balovich, Warren Newman

B 1943 End McClaren, Leroy Rugby
B 1943 End Ware, Adam Arcadia
B 1943 Tackle Taylor, Jack Arcadia
B 1943 Tackle Bremmerman, Tom New Orleans Academy
B 1943 Guard Harrison, George New Orleans Academy
B 1943 Guard Berry, Fred Waterproof
B 1943 Center Hammett, Charles Ferriday
B 1943 Quarterback Rittner, Blair Rugby
B 1943 Fullback Ontance, Jack New Orleans Academy
B 1943 Halfback Fulton, J.T. Arcadia
B 1943 Halfback Nastip, Joe Waterproof

AA 1944 End Kellum, Bill Haynesville
AA 1944 End Hemphill, Donald Bogalusa
AA 1944 Tackle Baird, Garnett Byrd
AA 1944 Tackle McGaugh, Homer Istrouma
AA 1944 Guard Villars, Walter Nicholls
AA 1944 Guard Brinker, Alvin Holy Cross
AA 1944 Center Sanders, Albert Baton Rouge
AA 1944 Quarterback Johnson, Harvey Fair Park
AA 1944 Fullback Collins, Harrell "Rip" Baton Rouge
AA 1944 Halfback Chollet, Hillary Holy Cross
AA 1944 Halfback Kingery, Wayne Lake Charles

A 1944 End Morse, Robert "Bud" Ponchatoula
A 1944 End Baily, Ray Sulphur
A 1944 Tackle Ferrer, Henry Lyon
A 1944 Tackle Hogg, "Blue" JR. Ruston
A 1944 Guard Reed, Lester Eunice
A 1944 Guard Khoury, Dempsey Sulphur
A 1944 Center Burns, James Bastrop
A 1944 Quarterback Crouch, Ernest Sulphur
A 1944 Fullback Aillet, Bobby Ruston
A 1944 Halfback Gamble, Harry JR Newman
A 1944 Halfback Martinez, Vernon Marrero

B 1944 End Abney, Wilbert Slidell
B 1944 End Barret, Jim Rugby
B 1944 Tackle Cox, Rogers New Orleans Academy
B 1944 Tackle Speed, Horace Ferriday
B 1944 Guard Chabreck, John Slidell
B 1944 Guard Guidry, Albert St. Paul
B 1944 Center Baker, ? Arcadia
B 1944 Quarterback Ellis, Prioleau New Orleans Academy
B 1944 Fullback Counce, Jack New Orleans Academy
B 1944 Halfback Lancaster, Arthur Ferriday
B 1944 Halfback Walcott, Bahnke Slidell

AA 1945 End Heap, Robert Holy Cross
AA 1945 End Oser, Hugh Jesuit (NO)
AA 1945 Tackle Villars, Walter Nicholls
AA 1945 Tackle Collins, Ray Fair Park
AA 1945 Guard Powell, James Fair Park
AA 1945 Guard Demma, Joe Nicholls
AA 1945 Center Schmalz, Garland Holy Cross
AA 1945 Quarterback Earnst, Joe Holy Cross
AA 1945 Fullback Heider, Ed Holy Cross
AA 1945 Halfback Hoffman, Roy St. Aloysius
AA 1945 Halfback Clegg, Bobby Istrouma

A 1945 End Luffey, George Neville
A 1945 End Morse, Robert "Bud" Ponchatoula
A 1945 Tackle Hopkins, Lyle Ruston
A 1945 Tackle Chestnut, Murphy Jonesboro
A 1945 Guard Levas, Abel Behrman
A 1945 Guard Brian, Ben Eunice
A 1945 Center Burns, James Sulphur
A 1945 Quarterback LeSage, Joe Homer
A 1945 Fullback McCants, John Fullback
A 1945 Halfback Tolar, Bill Jonesboro
A 1945 Halfback Lawton, Jack Sulphur

B 1945 End Folse, Bill Slidell
B 1945 End Keller, Bill Tallulah
B 1945 Tackle Storey, James Arcadia
B 1945 Tackle Jones, Billy Rugby
B 1945 Guard Hux, Ben Rugby
B 1945 Guard Gomez, Pud Slidell
B 1945 Center Fitchie, Gus Slidell
B 1945 Quarterback Cochran, Marvin Slidell
B 1945 Fullback Hill, Leighton Slidell
B 1945 Halfback Geary, Bill New Orleans Academy
B 1945 Halfback Young, Andris Arcadia

AA 1946 End Heap, Robert Holy Cross
AA 1946 End Oser, Hugh Jesuit (NO)
AA 1946 Tackle Baskin, Donald Haynesville
AA 1946 Tackle Mears, Lawrence Istrouma
AA 1946 Guard Ford, Donald Jesuit (NO)
AA 1946 Guard Tauzier, Al Jesuit (NO)
AA 1946 Center Wolfe, Oscar Warren Easton
AA 1946 Quarterback Kingery, Ellsworth Lake Charles
AA 1946 Fullback Kibodeaux, Ferdie Jennings
AA 1946 Halfback Roshto, Jim Istrouma
AA 1946 Halfback Petitbon, John Jesuit (NO)

A 1946 End Robinson, Billy Bossier
A 1946 End Parker, Charles Sulphur
A 1946 Tackle Drost, Robert Sulphur
A 1946 Tackle Zeringue, Gee Lutcher
A 1946 Guard Gunter, Ronald Neville
A 1946 Guard Banes, J.D. Natchitoches Central
A 1946 Center White, Kirby Sulphur
A 1946 Quarterback Beydier, Ray Metairie
A 1946 Fullback Crowson, George New Iberia
A 1946 Halfback Barkate, Joe Sulphur
A 1946 Halfback Dugas, Manuel Covington

B 1946 End Bounds, D.C. Vinton
B 1946 End Keller, C. Tallulah
B 1946 Tackle Bonura, Ray Kenner
B 1946 Tackle Ewing, Vernon New Orleans Academy
B 1946 Guard Gomez, Jack Slidell
B 1946 Guard Hux, Ben Rugby
B 1946 Center Fornea, Willard Varnado
B 1946 Quarterback Wilkins, Noel Tallulah
B 1946 Fullback Alonzo, Albert Jefferson
B 1946 Halfback Mayfield, Edwin Slidell
B 1946 Halfback Jones, Billy Tallulah

AA 1947 End Gwin, Clinton Fair Park
AA 1947 End Foreman, Alvin Lake Charles
AA 1947 Tackle Bates, Donald Bogalusa
AA 1947 Tackle Burtschael, William Holy Cross
AA 1947 Guard Blackledge, Glynn Istrouma
AA 1947 Guard Blache, Elmo Warren Easton
AA 1947 Center Thomas, Mire Jesuit
AA 1947 Quarterback Kingery, Ellsworth Lake Charles
AA 1947 Fullback Roshto, Jim Istrouma
AA 1947 Halfback Burr, Alert Bogalusa
AA 1947 Halfback Petitbon, John Jesuit (NO)

A 1947 End Colvin, Joe Ruston
A 1947 End Mardis, Gerald Springhill
A 1947 Tackle Billion, Jim Metairie
A 1947 Tackle Sanford, James Covington
A 1947 Guard Colvin, Hebert Ruston
A 1947 Guard Stevens, Buster Neville
A 1947 Center Bond, Tommy Bossier
A 1947 Quarterback Collie, Wylie Lee Ruston
A 1947 Fullback Sweeney, Kenneth LaGrange
A 1947 Halfback Brignac, Don Lutcher
A 1947 Halfback Andrews, O.J. Eunice

B 1947 End Curry, Hess Tallulah
B 1947 End Brown, Tommy Baker
B 1947 Tackle Bonura, Ray Kenner
B 1947 Tackle Cannon, Paul Baker
B 1947 Guard Womack, Shelby Baker
B 1947 Guard Gaines, Bud Westlake
B 1947 Center Craighead, Milton Start
B 1947 Quarterback McCall, Matt New Orleans Academy
B 1947 Fullback Davis, George Baker
B 1947 Halfback Geary, Bill New Orleans Academy
B 1947 Halfback Jones, Bill Tallulah

AA 1948 End Matthews, Jim Engelhardt, Gus
AA 1948 End Woods, Harold Lake Charles
AA 1948 Tackle Miller, Paul Istrouma
AA 1948 Tackle Windham, Pat Istrouma
AA 1948 Tackle Burtschael, Bill Holy Cross
AA 1948 Guard Blackledge, Glynn Istrouma
AA 1948 Guard Drost, Robert Sulphur
AA 1948 Guard Rey, George Fortier
AA 1948 Center Rosenblath, Spevins Byrd
AA 1948 Quarterback Landry, Lester Istrouma
AA 1948 Fullback Marchand, Jerry Catholic (BR)
AA 1948 Halfback Heap, Joe Holy Cross
AA 1948 Halfback Boudreaux, Ridley Fortier
AA 1948 Halfback Martin, Jackie Haynesville

A 1948 End Kahn, David Neville
A 1948 End Woodall, Tommy Bossier
A 1948 Tackle Swilley, Durwood Winnfield
A 1948 Tackle Sanford, James Covington
A 1948 Guard Colvin, Hebert Ruston
A 1948 Guard Labat, Daniel Reserve
A 1948 Center Lamb, Bob Bastrop
A 1948 Quarterback Labat, Leroy Reserve
A 1948 Fullback Walton, Searle Bossier
A 1948 Halfback Yarbrough, Gene Bossier
A 1948 Halfback Kent, Ronnie Metairie

B 1948 End Brown, Jack Lake Providence
B 1948 End Small, Milton Kentwood
B 1948 Tackle Bonura, Ray Kenner
B 1948 Tackle Williams, Howard Tallulah
B 1948 Guard Rougedy, Cleophus Vinton
B 1948 Guard Gammage, Paul Westlake
B 1948 Center Harrop, Robert Tallulah
B 1948 Quarterback McCall, Malcolm New Orleans Academy
B 1948 Fullback Gendron, Martin Hahnville
B 1948 Halfback Williams, A.W. Varnado
B 1948 Halfback Cox, Benard Tallulah

AA 1949 End Murray, Dickie Byrd
AA 1949 End Bourgeois, R.J. Baton Rouge
AA 1949 Tackle Woolbert, M.K. Byrd
AA 1949 Tackle Burtschaell, Billy Holy Cross
AA 1949 Tackle Anderson, Buddy Bogalusa
AA 1949 Guard Counts, Troy Ouachita
AA 1949 Guard Lanza, Lou Warren Easton
AA 1949 Guard Gassie, Herbert Baton Rouge
AA 1949 Guard Trigg, John Byrd
AA 1949 Center Billings, Calvin Sulphur
AA 1949 Quarterback Springfield, Cliff Bogalusa
AA 1949 Quarterback Weidenbacher, Ray Nicholls
AA 1949 Fullback Schroll, I.E. Bolton
AA 1949 Halfback Kennedy, Les Warren Easton
AA 1949 Halfback Oakley, Charles Lake Charles
AA 1949 Halfback Heap, Joe Holy Cross

A 1949 End Duhe, Oswald Reserve
A 1949 End Rebowe, Russell Destrehan
A 1949 End Guglielmo, Alfred Lutcher
A 1949 End Strafford, John Metairie
A 1949 Tackle Comier, Mural LaGrange
A 1949 Tackle Blackenbacker, G. DeQuincy
A 1949 Tackle Hughes, Orlando Ruston
A 1949 Tackle Sanders, Jules Westwego
A 1949 Guard Selby, Marvin Minden
A 1949 Guard Hano, Jerry Behrman
A 1949 Guard Louque, N. Destrehan
A 1949 Guard Bourgeois, R. Lutcher
A 1949 Center Perrere, Clyde Metairie
A 1949 Center Sanders, L. DeQuincy
A 1949 Quarterback Ellis, Don DeQuincy
A 1949 Quarterback Dalferes, F.J. Metairie
A 1949 Fullback Poche, James Destrehan
A 1949 Fullback Nielson, Tom Behrman

B 1949 End Adams, Bob New Orleans Academy
B 1949 End Belaire, E. Hanson
B 1949 End Montz, Matt Hahnville
B 1949 End Chesson, Clyde Vinton
B 1949 Tackle Laird, Billy Tallulah
B 1949 Tackle Jemison, Ernest Slidell
B 1949 Tackle Bennett, Bill Slidell
B 1949 Tackle Robichaux, Al Hahnville
B 1949 Guard Matis, Joe Hahnville
B 1949 Guard Oubre, Gail Hahnville
B 1949 Guard Rougeau, Cleo Vinton
B 1949 Guard Toledano, Ben New Orleans Academy
B 1949 Center Harrop, Robert Tallulah
B 1949 Center Ford, Roy Hahnville
B 1949 Quarterback Kinder, Roland Hahnville
B 1949 Quarterback Richardson, David New Orleans Academy
B 1949 Fullback Hooper, B. Rodessa
B 1949 Fullback Shaw, Elton Kentwood
B 1949 Halfback Troxler, Larry Hahnville
B 1949 Halfback Richardson, David New Orleans Academy
B 1949 Halfback Scoggin, Jerry Slidell
B 1949 Halfback Sarradet, Tom Hanson

AA 1950 End Mobley, Larry Istrouma
AA 1950 End Kennon, Paul Fair Park
AA 1950 Tackle Newman, Harold Istrouma
AA 1950 Tackle Smith, Willard Jennings
AA 1950 Guard Theriot, Sid Terrebonne
AA 1950 Guard Chastantant, Lester Warren Easton
AA 1950 Center Caraway, Gary Jennings
AA 1950 Quarterback Shows, Newt Sulphur
AA 1950 Back Heap, Joe Holy Cross
AA 1950 Back Carter, Bob Ouachita
AA 1950 Back Hampton, Rogers Fair Park

A 1950 End Nealy, Wrendell Homer
A 1950 End Fondren, Hebert Morgan City
A 1950 End Duhe, Oswald Reserve
A 1950 End Brumley Delhi
A 1950 Tackle Little, Bill Bossier
A 1950 Tackle Mosely, Bill Bossier
A 1950 Tackle Sanders, Jules Westwego
A 1950 Tackle Weber, Alcide Destrehan
A 1950 Guard Hughes, Orlando Jonesboro
A 1950 Guard Matis, Joe Hahnville
A 1950 Guard Kliebert, Ed Lutcher
A 1950 Guard Dunlap Baker
A 1950 Center Downing, Dudley Baker
A 1950 Center Ford, Roy Hahnville
A 1950 Quarterback Bleakly  Destrehan
A 1950 Quarterback Dalferes, Frank Metairie
A 1950 Fullback Chatman, Jim Baker
A 1950 Fullback Hotard, Winfield Destrehan
A 1950 Halfback Doggett, Al Homer
A 1950 Halfback Montalbano, Tony Bossier
A 1950 Halfback Hymel, Roy Reserve
A 1950 Halfback Perriloux, Ron Reserve

B 1950 End Elliot, Jimmy Westlake
B 1950 End Scott, Maley Clinton
B 1950 End Spear, Phillip Clinton
B 1950 End Chesson, C.J. Vinton
B 1950 Tackle Jemison, Ernest Slidell
B 1950 Tackle Seeman, Robert Jefferson
B 1950 Tackle Neames, Roy Central (BR)
B 1950 Tackle Primeeaux, William Westlake
B 1950 Guard Boullion, Ray Vinton
B 1950 Guard Chabreck, Robert Slidell
B 1950 Guard Lee, Clarence Vinton
B 1950 Guard Forest, Charles Central (BR)
B 1950 Center Shirley, Harmon Central (BR)
B 1950 Center Gurney, Bolvar Central (BR)
B 1950 Quarterback White, Sid Clinton
B 1950 Quarterback Fogg, Ed Slidell
B 1950 Fullback Scoggin, Jerry Slidell
B 1950 Fullback Prescott, Dick St. Francisville
B 1950 Halfback Guilbeau, Clayton Opelousas
B 1950 Halfback Shaw, Elton Kentwood
B 1950 Halfback Bahnsen, E.F. Vinton
B 1950 Halfback Williams, Edgar Clinton

AA 1951 End Grissom, Larry Istrouma
AA 1951 End Gibson, Gene Fair Park
AA 1951 Tackle Nordstrom, Gus Istrouma
AA 1951 Tackle Campbell, Don Jennings
AA 1951 Guard Loe, Jerry Byrd
AA 1951 Guard Zimmerle, James Catholic (BR)
AA 1951 Center Fletterich, Leon Jesuit
AA 1951 Back Hodges, Harry Istrouma
AA 1951 Back Hampton, Rogers Fair Park
AA 1951 Back Deutschmann, Lou Holy Cross
AA 1951 Back Daigle, Doug Jennings

A 1951 End Husser, Huey Ponchatoula
A 1951 End Henderson, Roy Indepedence
A 1951 End Hamilton, Bob DeRidder
A 1951 End Willis, Grant Oakdale
A 1951 Tackle Paris, Ted Leesville
A 1951 Tackle Delony, Henry Ruston
A 1951 Tackle Sanders, Jules Westwego
A 1951 Tackle Sardisco, Tony St. John's (SH)
A 1951 Guard Boudreaux, Ray Baker
A 1951 Guard Sims, Leland Neville
A 1951 Guard Kleibert, Ed Lutcher
A 1951 Guard Wiggins, Darrell Oakdale
A 1951 Center Bourque, Pete Gonzales
A 1951 Center Hansen, Charles LaGrange
A 1951 Back Barham, Charlie Ruston
A 1951 Back Catalanotto, Mickey Amite
A 1951 Back Patterson, Lavance Ponchatoula
A 1951 Back Breaux, Dickie LaGrange
A 1951 Back Stinson, Lacey Ruston
A 1951 Back Conner, Charles Morgan City
A 1951 Back Tregle, Al Metairie
A 1951 Back Johns, Chuck Rayville

B 1951 End Menuet, Walt New Orleans Academy
B 1951 End Martinez, Theo Donaldsonville
B 1951 End Devillier, Ralph Bunkie
B 1951 End Carroll, Grayson Logansport
B 1951 Tackle Melbaum, John Kenner
B 1951 Tackle Townsend, Marion Bunkie
B 1951 Tackle Forrest, Charles Central (BR)
B 1951 Tackle Duchesne, J.C. Delhi
B 1951 Guard Fowler, Monroe Delhi
B 1951 Guard Schexneyder, Mike Catholic (D)
B 1951 Guard Charbreck, Robert Slidell
B 1951 Guard Marcello, Emile Donaldsonville
B 1951 Center Jumonville, Gene Assumption
B 1951 Center Bates, Don  Delhi
B 1951 Back Oubre, Jack Bunkie
B 1951 Back Andrews, Milford Delhi
B 1951 Back Wilcox, Fred Kenner
B 1951 Back Rogers, George  Clinton
B 1951 Back Lawrence, A.J. Logansport
B 1951 Back Esquivel, Joe Donaldsonville
B 1951 Back Derouen, Norman Delhi
B 1951 Back Carlin, Buster Westlake

AA 1952 End Byrd, John Sulphur
AA 1952 End Kelly, Ernest Baton Rouge
AA 1952 Tackle Brown, Harley Fair Park
AA 1952 Tackle Arnoult, Robert St. Aloysius
AA 1952 Guard Kenney, James "Cotton" Sulphur
AA 1952 Guard Zimmerle, James Catholic (BR)
AA 1952 Center Senac, Ronald St. Aloysius
AA 1952 Back Turner, Win Istrouma
AA 1952 Back Kimball, Bobby Terrebonne
AA 1952 Back Deutschmann, Lou Holy Cross
AA 1952 Back Davis, Tommy Fair Park

A 1952 End Brady, Milton Reserve
A 1952 End Husser, Huey Ponchatoula
A 1952 End Ellender, Bennett LaGrange
A 1952 End Hamilton, Bob DeRidder
A 1952 Tackle Delony, Henry Ruston
A 1952 Tackle Thibodaux, Penny Ponchatoula
A 1952 Tackle Beck, Ken Minden
A 1952 Tackle Kelley, Murrell Metairie
A 1952 Guard Kleibert, Al Lutcher
A 1952 Guard Stewart, Bob Menard
A 1952 Guard Sims, Leland Neville
A 1952 Guard Goodeaux, W.D. DeRidder
A 1952 Center Comeaux, Warren Metairie
A 1952 Center Andre, John Baker
A 1952 Back Barham, Charles Ruston
A 1952 Back Reynolds, M.C. Mansfield
A 1952 Back Manchester, Raymond Jena
A 1952 Back Martin, Larry Reserve
A 1952 Back Hawkins, Billy Ponchatoula
A 1952 Back Gerami, Gerald Cathedral
A 1952 Back Tomme, Louis LaGrange
A 1952 Back Crowe, John David Springhill

B 1952 End Martinez, Theo Donaldsonville
B 1952 End Menuet, Walt New Orleans Academy
B 1952 End Lancon, Charles Hanson
B 1952 End Patterson, Pat Delhi
B 1952 Tackle Duchesne, J.C. Delhi
B 1952 Tackle Roth, Freddie Kenner
B 1952 Tackle Swanson, Ernest Port Allen
B 1952 Tackle Matlock, Carroll Haughton
B 1952 Guard Webb, Eisley Dutchtown
B 1952 Guard Strange, Irving Slidell
B 1952 Guard Benson, John Cotton Valley
B 1952 Guard Bickerstaff, Richard Ridgewood Prep
B 1952 Center Fugler, Charles Ferriday
B 1952 Center Vuslovich, Vincent Holy Name
B 1952 Back Oubre, Jack Bunkie
B 1952 Back Wilcox, Freddie Kenner
B 1952 Back Manning, George Clinton
B 1952 Back Pries, Louis Waterproof
B 1952 Back Daigle, Leslie St. Francis
B 1952 Back Willis, Jewell Port Allen
B 1952 Back McNew, James Ferriday
B 1952 Back Bourg, Mackie Hanson

AA 1953 End Painter, David Lake Charles
AA 1953 End Marks, Robert Warren Easton
AA 1953 Tackle Kidd, John Byrd
AA 1953 Tackle Carroll, Russ Jesuit (NO)
AA 1953 Guard Aucoin, Alvin Terrebonne
AA 1953 Guard Ecuyer, Al Jesuit (NO)
AA 1953 Center Laird, M.L. Bolton
AA 1953 Back Newton, Gene Byrd
AA 1953 Back Taylor, Jimmy Baton Rouge
AA 1953 Back LaNasa, Mickey Jesuit (NO)
AA 1953 Back Foreman, Frank Lafayette

A 1953 End Montgomery, Jack Springhill
A 1953 End Henry, Urban Morgan City
A 1953 End Berzare, John Eunice
A 1953 End Felder, Buddy Hammond
A 1953 Tackle Hinton, Tommy Ruston
A 1953 Tackle St. Cyr, John Jefferson
A 1953 Tackle Vincent, Raymond Westlake
A 1953 Tackle Viola, Thurman Rayville
A 1953 Guard Doucet, Wilridge Westlake
A 1953 Guard Hendrix, William Rayville
A 1953 Guard Stewart, Bob Menard
A 1953 Guard Gautreaux, Napolean Gonzales
A 1953 Center Crews, George Jena
A 1953 Center Mitchell, Edwards Ponchatoula
A 1953 Back Crowe, John David Springhill
A 1953 Back Washington, Phillip Pineville
A 1953 Back Laiche, Jimmy Gonzales
A 1953 Back Martin, Jerry Opelousas
A 1953 Back Burkes, J.V. Slidell
A 1953 Back Hebert, Carl Cathedral
A 1953 Back Regan, Joe Landry
A 1953 Back Reynolds, M.C. Mansfield

B 1953 End Schexnayder, James St. James
B 1953 End Lancon, Wayne Hanson
B 1953 End Young, Lee Ferriday
B 1953 End McKinney, Jackie Plain Dealing
B 1953 Tackle Lawrence, Mickey Logansport
B 1953 Tackle Swails, Bert St. Martin
B 1953 Tackle Ketelers, R.L. Breaux Bridge
B 1953 Tackle Weber, Clay Port Allen
B 1953 Guard King, Wayne Plain Dealing
B 1953 Guard Marcello, Emile Donaldsonville
B 1953 Guard Kliesch, Paul Kentwood
B 1953 Guard Higginbotham, Carl Waterproof
B 1953 Center Vuslovich, Vincent Holy Name
B 1953 Center Woods, John St. James
B 1953 Back Pries, Louis Waterproof
B 1953 Back Bourg, Mackey Hanson
B 1953 Back Broyles, Sammy Kentwood
B 1953 Back Hale, Judson Logansport
B 1953 Back Rozas, Paul Cottonport
B 1953 Back Broussard, Leslie Dutchtown
B 1953 Back Harmon, Bobby Ferriday
B 1953 Back Fakier, Dickie St. Francis

AAA 1954 End Bundrick, Billy Byrd
AAA 1954 End Kinchen, Gaynell Baton Rouge
AAA 1954 Tackle Egan, Dan Warren Easton
AAA 1954 Tackle Strough, Allen  Lake Charles
AAA 1954 Guard Fort, John Baton Rouge
AAA 1954 Guard Feazel, John Fair Park
AAA 1954 Center Guttuso, Vincent Holy Cross
AAA 1954 Back Rabb, Warren Baton Rouge
AAA 1954 Back Gay, Richard Byrd
AAA 1954 Back Schneider, Earl Holy Cross
AAA 1954 Back Mason, Claude Lake Charles

AA 1954 End Abadie, Peter Behrman
AA 1954 End Bazare, John Eunice
AA 1954 Tackle Hudson, Bobby Minden
AA 1954 Tackle Wall, Happy Behrman
AA 1954 Guard Thomas, Harvey Springhill
AA 1954 Guard Trafficano, Mike Reserve
AA 1954 Center Crews, George Jena
AA 1954 Back McCabe, James Minden
AA 1954 Back Topham, Larry Morgan City
AA 1954 Back Barstow, Tracey Opelousas
AA 1954 Back Alonzo, Howie Behrman

A 1954 End Marchand, Gayne Gonzales
A 1954 End Anderson, Bob Marion
A 1954 End Doyle, Arthur  Oakdale
A 1954 End Foret, Jim Kenner
A 1954 Tackle Dauzat, Mack Marksville
A 1954 Tackle McGraw, Billy Winnsboro
A 1954 Tackle Joplin, James Ferriday
A 1954 Tackle Borcegeay, Linden Gonzales
A 1954 Guard Brocato, Frank Ferriday
A 1954 Guard Mire, Jim Slidell
A 1954 Guard Mire, Julius Slidell
A 1954 Guard Duet, Jim Jefferson
A 1954 Center Fugler, Max Ferriday
A 1954 Center Thibodeaux, Francis Assumption
A 1954 Back Hill, Guy Ferriday
A 1954 Back Brazil, Roy Jefferson
A 1954 Back Friesner, Ray Westlake
A 1954 Back Bourque, Hart Gonzales
A 1954 Back Fritchie, Don Slidell
A 1954 Back Ravira, Joe Marksville
A 1954 Back Amos, Keith Rayville
A 1954 Back Davis, Ralph Baker

B 1954 End Tweedle, Elton Delhi
B 1954 End Head, Jerry Don Newellton
B 1954 End DeLoach, Wiley Donaldsonville
B 1954 End Theriot, Dempsey Dutchtown
B 1954 Tackle Beene, Edgar  Oil City
B 1954 Tackle Keathey, Farrell Davidson
B 1954 Tackle Hicks, Terry Delhi
B 1954 Tackle Dampier, Albert Sicily Island
B 1954 Guard Smith, James Logansport
B 1954 Guard Brown, A.P. Dutchtown
B 1954 Guard Lessard, Stan St. Amant
B 1954 Guard Mount, William Sicily Island
B 1954 Center Bourg, Camile Holy Name
B 1954 Center Scott, Rupert Wisner
B 1954 Back O'Conner, Huey Holy Name
B 1954 Back Alexander, C.J. Donaldsonville
B 1954 Back Nolan, Earl Oil City
B 1954 Back Sumlin, George Delhi
B 1954 Back Miller, B.K. Sicily Island
B 1954 Back Emfinger, Hug Newellton
B 1954 Back Blanchard, Vernon Breaux Bridge
B 1954 Back Fadaol, Bill Opelousas Catholic (AIC)

AAA 1955 End Norwood, Don Baton Rouge
AAA 1955 End Mathews, Donald Redemptorist
AAA 1955 Tackle Burleson, Connie Lake Charles
AAA 1955 Tackle Fortenberry, Luther Istrouma
AAA 1955 Guard Catton, Bobby Nicholls
AAA 1955 Guard Bueto, Billy Istrouma
AAA 1955 Center Cosse, Spiro Byrd
AAA 1955 Back Pernici, Frank Byrd
AAA 1955 Back Cannon, Billy Istrouma
AAA 1955 Back Guidry, George Istrouma
AAA 1955 Back Rabb, Warren Baton Rouge

AA 1955 End Hudson, Jerry Springhill
AA 1955 End Causey, Tom Neville
AA 1955 Tackle Branch, Melvin DeRidder
AA 1955 Tackle Reeves, Rogers Minden
AA 1955 Guard Anderson, Pat Neville
AA 1955 Guard Mathews, Buck Menard
AA 1955 Center Madere, Ken Reserve
AA 1955 Back Hanley, James Behrman
AA 1955 Back Upshaw, Elton Neville
AA 1955 Back Tophan, Larry Morgan City
AA 1955 Back Semar, Allen New Iberia

A 1955 End Couvillion, David Marksville
A 1955 End Reine, Allen Redemptorist
A 1955 End Brocato, Tony Ferriday
A 1955 End Simpson, Joe Homer
A 1955 Tackle Heckel, Bert Slidell
A 1955 Tackle McGraw, Billy Winnsboro
A 1955 Tackle Long, Buddy Ferriday
A 1955 Tackle Brady, Thomas LaSalle
A 1955 Guard Core, Monette DeQuincy
A 1955 Guard Booty, Donald Franklinton
A 1955 Guard Yoes, Kenneth Baker
A 1955 Guard Nelson, Manson Ferriday
A 1955 Center Fugler, Max Ferriday
A 1955 Center Buras, Gary Buras
A 1955 Back Hill, Guy Ferriday
A 1955 Back Boudreaux, Calvin Baker
A 1955 Back Bourgue, Hart Gonzales
A 1955 Back Dill, Jimmy Buras
A 1955 Back Blanchard, Charles LaRose-Cutoff
A 1955 Back Winberry, Ken LaSalle
A 1955 Back Russell, Raymond Tallulah
A 1955 Back Windsor, Billy Homer

B 1955 End Head, Jerry Don Newellton
B 1955 End Gilley, Eugene Delhi
B 1955 End Hansen, Milton Logansport
B 1955 End Tassin, Bob St. Charles
B 1955 Tackle Britt, Jimmy Delhi
B 1955 Tackle Brady, Don Clinton
B 1955 Tackle Blanchard, Roy Holy Name
B 1955 Tackle Fowler, Doug Coushatta
B 1955 Guard France, Jimmy Holy Name
B 1955 Guard Dampier, Albet Sicily Island
B 1955 Guard Tullier, Hulen St. Amant
B 1955 Guard Droddy, Douglas Merryville
B 1955 Center Bourg, Camile Holy Name
B 1955 Center Estes, Leon Basile
B 1955 Back Juneau, Carl Cottonport
B 1955 Back Miller, B.K. Sicily Island
B 1955 Back Broyles, Sammy Kentwood
B 1955 Back Mathieu, Tommy Delhi
B 1955 Back O'Conner, Huey Holy Name
B 1955 Back St. Marie, Al St. Francis
B 1955 Back Spears, Vernon Logansport
B 1955 Back Theriot, Wilton Breaux Bridge

AAA 1956 End Linden, Errol DeLaSalle
AAA 1956 End Deutschmann, Roy Holy Cross
AAA 1956 Tackle Didier, Jerry Byrd
AAA 1956 Tackle Esque, Beverly Istrouma
AAA 1956 Guard Strange, Bo Baton Rouge
AAA 1956 Guard Moran, Terry Redemptorist
AAA 1956 Center Kahn, Lenny Warren Easton
AAA 1956 Center Thompson, Larry Fair Park
AAA 1956 Back Smith, Don Istrouma
AAA 1956 Back Crowe, Dickie Ouachita
AAA 1956 Back Harris, Wendell Baton Rouge
AAA 1956 Back Bossier, Don DeLaSalle

AA 1956 End Parrish, David Hammond
AA 1956 End Robinson, Paul Minden
AA 1956 Tackle Johnson, Bobby Neville
AA 1956 Tackle Calmes, T.C. Hammond
AA 1956 Guard Procell, Rupert Bossier
AA 1956 Guard Welborn, Robert DeRidder
AA 1956 Center Castille, Lucius Opelousas
AA 1956 Back Upshaw, Elton Neville
AA 1956 Back Brown, Randy Opelousas
AA 1956 Back McMichael, Ken Minden
AA 1956 Back Sessions, Don Springhill
AA 1956 Back Gossen, Steve Cathedral

A 1956 End Wood, Charles Baker
A 1956 End Brocato, Tony Ferriday
A 1956 End Doyle, Don Oakdale
A 1956 End Soignet, Bruce St. Francis
A 1956 Tackle Vinyard, Herschel LaSalle
A 1956 Tackle Michael, James St. Amant
A 1956 Tackle Rowland, Tommy Baker
A 1956 Tackle Dunn, Tuscon Winnsboro
A 1956 Guard Brocato, Frank Ferriday
A 1956 Guard John, Jim St. St. Francis
A 1956 Guard Tullier, Gene Plaquemine
A 1956 Guard Neumann, Bobby Tallulah
A 1956 Center Griffin, Ken Farmerville
A 1956 Center Strother, Ira Baker
A 1956 Back Daye, Donnie Ferriday
A 1956 Back Neck, Tommy Marksville
A 1956 Back Boudreaux, Calvin Baker
A 1956 Back Marie, Al Ste. St. Francis
A 1956 Back Neumann, Danny Tallulah
A 1956 Back McCoy, Pat Bunkie
A 1956 Back Woodward, Tom Mansfield
A 1956 Back Doyle, Tyrone Oakdale

B 1956 End Robert, Shelby Donaldsonville
B 1956 End Chapman, Neil Mangham
B 1956 End Wenzel, Robert New Orleans Academy
B 1956 End McHugh, Dunkie Zachary
B 1956 Tackle Yarborough, Ferrell Coushatta
B 1956 Tackle Neil, Gerald Zachary
B 1956 Tackle Johns, Edgar Mangham
B 1956 Tackle Gardiner, Donald Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
B 1956 Guard Brooksh, Roonie Sacred Heart
B 1956 Guard Alleman, E.J. Donaldsonville
B 1956 Guard Evans, Lynn Sicily Island
B 1956 Guard Alford, George Start
B 1956 Center Buras, Gary Buras
B 1956 Center Cox, John Coushatta
B 1956 Back Babin, Joe Zachary
B 1956 Back Johns, Edgar Mangham
B 1956 Back Spann, Skipper Logansport
B 1956 Back Valenti, A.J. Sacred Heart
B 1956 Back Ary, Billy New Orleans Academy
B 1956 Back Brabham, Billy Greensburg
B 1956 Back Eddy, Emmett Coushatta
B 1956 Back Martin, Robert Mangham
B 1956 Back Mills, Mickey Opelousas Catholic (AIC)

AAA 1957 End Malony, Mickey Fair Park
AAA 1957 End Bech, Malcolm Warren Easton
AAA 1957 Tackle Winston, Roy Istrouma
AAA 1957 Tackle Savell, Duncan Warren Easton
AAA 1957 Guard Kinchen, Gary Baton Rouge
AAA 1957 Guard Roy, Norbert Istrouma
AAA 1957 Center Hamm, Bobby Byrd
AAA 1957 Back Harris, Wendell Baton Rouge
AAA 1957 Back Smith, Don Istrouma
AAA 1957 Back Bossier, Don DeLaSalle
AAA 1957 Back Amedee, Lynn Istrouma

AA 1957 End Harvey, Tom Behrman
AA 1957 End Williams, Roger Natchitoches Central
AA 1957 Tackle Robinson, Modell Ruston
AA 1957 Tackle Miller, Fred Homer
AA 1957 Guard Iverstine, John Hammond
AA 1957 Guard Procell, Rupert Bossier
AA 1957 Center Weaver, Ray Homer
AA 1957 Back Wilkins, Ray Homer
AA 1957 Back Tuma, John Pineville
AA 1957 Back Cavalier, Dave Morgan City
AA 1957 Back Robinson, Dwight Ponchatoula

A 1957 End Guenoit, Louis St. Francis
A 1957 End Alford, Bill University Lab
A 1957 End Blanchette, Ray Marion
A 1957 End Ware, Earl Oakdale
A 1957 Tackle Monsour, Alec Mansfield
A 1957 Tackle Brown, Dick Tallulah
A 1957 Tackle Landry, Don Vinton
A 1957 Tackle Guillot, Rod Redemptorist
A 1957 Guard Mayes, Darrell Winnfield
A 1957 Guard Heckel, Billy Slidell
A 1957 Guard John, Jim St. St. Francis
A 1957 Guard Burns, John Tallulah
A 1957 Center Hart, C.D. Bunkie
A 1957 Center Hulin, Pat Landry
A 1957 Back Field, Jimmy University Lab
A 1957 Back Domingue, Daniel St. Francis
A 1957 Back Rushing, Randy Denham Springs
A 1957 Back Landry, Marion Landry
A 1957 Back Neumann, Danny Tallulah
A 1957 Back Brocato, Tony Ferriday
A 1957 Back Hemphill, Karl Mansfield
A 1957 Back Brooks, Everett LaSalle

B 1957 End Waddell, Wallace Zachary
B 1957 End James, Harold St. Michael - Crowley
B 1957 End Antley, Mitchell Delhi
B 1957 End New, Pete Plain Dealing
B 1957 Tackle Neill, Gerald Zachary
B 1957 Tackle Thompson, Dickie Delhi
B 1957 Tackle Bjerke, Truis St. Martin
B 1957 Tackle Billiot, Pete St. Bernard
B 1957 Guard Weaver, Walt Coushatta
B 1957 Guard Booksh, Ronnie Sacred Heart
B 1957 Guard Braud, Wayne Dutchtown
B 1957 Guard Vige, Harvey Basile
B 1957 Center Adkins, Barney Block
B 1957 Center Buras, Gary Buras
B 1957 Center Sibille, Erwin Port Allen
B 1957 Back Eddy, Emmett Coushatta
B 1957 Back Eddy, Raymond Coushatta
B 1957 Back Anding, Joe Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
B 1957 Back Stelly, Vic Zachary
B 1957 Back Leach, Bobby Delhi
B 1957 Back Wiggins, Dean Sicily Island
B 1957 Back Perlander, Carroll Buras
B 1957 Back Hunt, Francis Clinton
B 1957 Back Lee, Bobby Zachary

AAA 1958 End McCollister, Don Istrouma
AAA 1958 End Ward, Larry Jesuit
AAA 1958 Tackle Calamari, Pete Holy Cross
AAA 1958 Tackle Hargett, Don Lafayette
AAA 1958 Guard Kinchen, Gary Baton Rouge
AAA 1958 Guard Marshall, John Warren Easton
AAA 1958 Center Fleming, Malcolm Istrouma
AAA 1958 Quarterback Amedee, Lynn Istrouma
AAA 1958 Back Ascani, Pete Warren Easton
AAA 1958 Back Brown, Henry Bossier
AAA 1958 Back Clayton, Ronnie Bolton
AAA 1958 End Cates, Jack Lake Charles
AAA 1958 End McCollister, Don Istrouma
AAA 1958 Tackle Calamari, Pete Holy Cross
AAA 1958 Tackle Hargett, Don Istrouma
AAA 1958 Guard Hudson, Parker Jesuit
AAA 1958 Guard Kinchen, Gary Baton Rouge
AAA 1958 Center Fleming, Malcolm Istrouma
AAA 1958 Quarterback Amedee, Lynn Istrouma
AAA 1958 Back Stovall, Jerry West Monroe
AAA 1958 Back Lester, Darrell Lake Charles
AAA 1958 Back Ascani, Pete Warren Easton

AA 1958 End Harvey, Tom Behrman
AA 1958 End Chenevert, Ernest  Menard
AA 1958 Tackle Catoire, H.P. Reserve
AA 1958 Tackle Odom, Sammy Minden
AA 1958 Guard Forgey, Burl Morgan City
AA 1958 Guard Poole, Robert Opelousas
AA 1958 Center Naquin, Gary Thibodaux
AA 1958 Quarterback Flurry, Bobby Homer
AA 1958 Back Cavalier, Dave Morgan City
AA 1958 Back Robinson, Dwight Ponchatoula
AA 1958 Back Pynes, Robert Leesville

A 1958 End Womack, Jack LaSalle
A 1958 End McGinty, L.V. Slidell
A 1958 End LaRussa, S.P. St. Francis
A 1958 End Lavigne, Byron Gonzales
A 1958 Tackle Toups, Adonis St. Francis
A 1958 Tackle Monsour, Elex Mansfield
A 1958 Tackle Torrance, Jack Redemptorist
A 1958 Tackle Heckel, Billy Slidell
A 1958 Guard Foster, Billy Tallulah
A 1958 Guard St. John, Jimmy St. Francis
A 1958 Guard Yarborough, Gerald Coushatta
A 1958 Guard Webb, Kenn Bunkie
A 1958 Center Beard, Perry Tallulah
A 1958 Center Pere, Ronald LaRose-Cutoff
A 1958 Quarterback Armand, Anthony Bunkie
A 1958 Quarterback Babin, S.J. Gonzales
A 1958 Back Rushing, Randy Denham Springs
A 1958 Back Eddy, Raymond Coushatta
A 1958 Back Neumann, Leonard Tallulah
A 1958 Back Hemphill, Karl Mansfield
A 1958 Back Kelly, Donnie Coushatta
A 1958 Back Gaudin, C.J. Redemptorist

B 1958 End Bennett, Wayne Zachary
B 1958 End Adams, Dale Woodlawn
B 1958 End Reon, Wilmer Welsh
B 1958 End Oliveaux, Earl Mangham
B 1958 Tackle Bjerke, Truls St. Martin
B 1958 Tackle Cook, Leroy Dutchtown
B 1958 Tackle Sheppard, G.C. Cotton Valley
B 1958 Tackle Dejean, Charles Port Barre
B 1958 Guard Chaney, Butch Zachary
B 1958 Guard Richard, Joe St. Michael - Crowley
B 1958 Guard Chaisson, James Port Barre
B 1958 Guard Decoteau, Glenn Dutchtown
B 1958 Center Barnes, David Haughton
B 1958 Center Quin, Billy Greensburg
B 1958 Quarterback Cormier, Billy Erath
B 1958 Quarterback Stafford, Don Port Barre
B 1958 Back Mistric, Ken Port Barre
B 1958 Back Russo, Sammy Sacred Heart
B 1958 Back Smith, Bo-Dick Bernice
B 1958 Back Babin, Shelton Dutchtown
B 1958 Back Heurtin, Clyde LA School for the Deaf
B 1958 Back Brabham, Danny Greensburg
B 1958 Back Talbert, Glenn Gillis
B 1958 Back Means, Danny Port Sulphur

AAA 1959 End Cox, Dickey Istrouma
AAA 1959 End Young, Jerry Lafayette
AAA 1959 Tackle Turner, Jim Istrouma
AAA 1959 Tackle Hucklebridge, Robbie Bossier
AAA 1959 Guard Toups, Dick Jesuit
AAA 1959 Guard Sessions, Ronnie Istrouma
AAA 1959 Center Negrotto, Jerry Warren Easton
AAA 1959 Quarterback Burguieres, Al LaGrange
AAA 1959 Back Screen, Pat Jesuit
AAA 1959 Back Cotton, Donnie Istrouma
AAA 1959 Back Martin, Ken Jesuit
AA 1959 End Gentry, Roy Natchitoches Central
AA 1959 End Sessions, Larry Springhill
AA 1959 Tackle Cox, Mickey Neville
AA 1959 Tackle Ledet, Wilson Behrman
AA 1959 Guard Trosclait, Milton Thibodaux
AA 1959 Guard Bass, George DeRidder
AA 1959 Center Branch, Lucian Neville
AA 1959 Quarterback Beasley, Don Natchitoches Central
AA 1959 Back Shows, Pat Ruston
AA 1959 Back Rodrigue, Ruffin Thibodaux
AA 1959 Back Hamic, Garland Crowley

A 1959 End Wyatt, Tommy Winnfield
A 1959 End LaRussa, S.P. St. Francis
A 1959 Tackle Poole, James Ferriday
A 1959 Tackle Hixon, Charles Delhi
A 1959 Guard Cullen, Bob Bunkie
A 1959 Guard Ragusa, John Redemptorist
A 1959 Center Landry, pat Redemptorist
A 1959 Quarterback Armand, Anthony Bunkie
A 1959 Back Newton, Ken Delhi
A 1959 Back Gaudin, C.J. Redemptorist
A 1959 Back McIntyre, Larry St. Paul
B 1959 End Chaney, Waler Zachary
B 1959 End Habetz, Al St. Michael - Crowley
B 1959 End Oliveaux, Earl Mangham
B 1959 End Vowell, Ken Cotton Valley
B 1959 Tackle Canrad, John Sacred Heart
B 1959 Tackle Fernandez, Manuel St. Bernard
B 1959 Tackle McKey, John Zachary
B 1959 Tackle Adkins, Aaron Sarepta
B 1959 Guard Keyes, Kermit Waterproof
B 1959 Guard Overby, Leon Lake Providence
B 1959 Guard Becnel, Bruce St. James
B 1959 Guard Chaisson, James Port Barre
B 1959 Center Granier, Richard St. James
B 1959 Center Bercier, Mike St. Joseph
B 1959 Quarterback Reed, Ray Oberlin
B 1959 Quarterback Robin, Duke St. Bernard
B 1959 Back Manuel, Olan Oberlin
B 1959 Back Waguespack, James St. James
B 1959 Back Walet, Merlin Loreauville
B 1959 Back Ryder, George Port Barre
B 1959 Back Jackson, Hobie Clinton
B 1959 Back Morgan, Ronnie Zachary

AAA 1960 End Babin, C.G. LaGrange
AAA 1960 End Caskey, Jim Byrd
AAA 1960 Tackle Brown, Elton Byrd
AAA 1960 Tackle Viosca, Rene Jesuit
AAA 1960 Guard Seabolt, Steve Baton Rouge
AAA 1960 Guard Landry, David Holy Cross
AAA 1960 Center Strange, Davide Baton Rouge
AAA 1960 Quarterback Cotton, Bobby Baton Rouge
AAA 1960 Back Screen, Pat Jesuit
AAA 1960 Back Bryan, Jim LaGrange
AAA 1960 Back LeBlanc, Danny Lake Charles

AA 1960 End Lee, Daivid Minden
AA 1960 End Brien, Richard Assumption
AA 1960 Tackle Dunbar, Thomas Thibodaux
AA 1960 Tackle Vicknair, Charles Reserve
AA 1960 Guard Manuel, Charles Eunice
AA 1960 Guard Ragus, John Redemptorist
AA 1960 Center Beverung, Anthony Chalmette
AA 1960 Quarterback Greer, Ed Minden
AA 1960 Back Gunn, Neal Neville
AA 1960 Back Boisvert, Bob Menard
AA 1960 Back Triche, Marvin Reserve

A 1960 End McCall, Joseph Plaquemine
A 1960 End Fairbanks, Jerry Tallulah
A 1960 Tackle Schwendimann, Robert Zachary
A 1960 Tackle Soignet, Jerry St. Francis
A 1960 Guard Jones, Don Winnfield
A 1960 Guard Jenks, Seth Gonzales
A 1960 Center Overby, Richard Bunkie
A 1960 Quarterback Schroder, Jerry Westlake
A 1960 Back LaBruzzo, Joe Lockport
A 1960 Back Morgan, Ronnie Zachary
A 1960 Back Noland, Wayne Tallulah

B 1960 End Emmons, Richard St. Bernard
B 1960 End McIntyre, Leroy Jonesville
B 1960 End Hartman, David Donaldsonville
B 1960 End Heinen, Brian St. Edmund
B 1960 Tackle Aswoth, James Plain Dealing
B 1960 Tackle Scioneaux, Donovan St. James
B 1960 Tackle McLain, Joe Newellton
B 1960 Tackle Bird, Gerald Sicily Island
B 1960 Guard Lassere, Erroll St. James
B 1960 Guard Mahoney, Vic Waterproof
B 1960 Guard Cady, Ronald Iowa
B 1960 Guard Broussard, Kenneth LA School for the Deaf
B 1960 Center LaFleur, Doward Oberlin
B 1960 Center Taylor, Thomas Waterproof
B 1960 Quarterback Robin, Dewey St. Bernard
B 1960 Quarterback Reed, Ray Oberlin
B 1960 Back Walet, Merlin Loreauville
B 1960 Back Patrick, Claude Holly Ridge
B 1960 Back Troxclair St. James
B 1960 Back Granger, Hoyle Oberlin
B 1960 Back Henry, Craig St. Michael - Crowley
B 1960 Back Boudreaux, C.J. Donaldsonville

AAA 1961 End Thom, Jim Baton Rouge
AAA 1961 End Davis, Wayne Woodlawn
AAA 1961 Tackle Fontenot, Alden Sulphur
AAA 1961 Tackle Rice, George Istrouma
AAA 1961 Guard Pharis, Mike Fair Park
AAA 1961 Guard Johnson, Walt DeLaSalle
AAA 1961 Center Chaumont, Ronnie LaGrange
AAA 1961 Quarterback Duhon, Mike Sulphur
AAA 1961 Back Nettles, Dwain Istrouma
AAA 1961 Back Vincnet, Mike Sulphur
AAA 1961 Back Thomas, Alton Byrd

AA 1961 End Davis, Harry Redemptorist
AA 1961 End Walker, Herschel Neville
AA 1961 Tackle Kearns, David Lee
AA 1961 Tackle Smith, Shirley DeRidder
AA 1961 Guard Linzy, Jim Jesuit
AA 1961 Guard Gary, Fred Jennings
AA 1961 Center Jacobs, Sam Reserve
AA 1961 Quarterback Moock, Joe Reserve
AA 1961 Back Cormier, Ken Jennings
AA 1961 Back Howard, Jimmy Neville
AA 1961 Back Galloway, Wimpy Morgan City

A 1961 End Doyle, Percy Oakdale
A 1961 End Moreau, Davy University Lab
A 1961 Tackle Richard, Roland Plaquemine
A 1961 Tackle Graves, Billy Tallulah
A 1961 Guard Fife, Mac LaSalle
A 1961 Guard Richard, Roland Plaquemine
A 1961 Center Mills, Wilmer Zachary
A 1961 Quarterback Beebe, Donald Mansfield
A 1961 Back Morgan, Ronnie Zachary
A 1961 Back Neumann, Leonard Tallulah
A 1961 Back White, Jesse Oakdale

B 1961 End Lambrecht, Jeff LA School for the Deaf
B 1961 End Dejean, Felix Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
B 1961 End Keeth, Henry Plain Dealing
B 1961 End Dupont, Grankie St. John-Plaquemine
B 1961 Tackle Durio, Harrison Oberlin
B 1961 Tackle Ricahardson, Terry Vidalia
B 1961 Tackle Resignola, Anthony Sacred Heart (MC)
B 1961 Tackle Rougeau, Ed St. James
B 1961 Guard Morales, Ruben South Cameron
B 1961 Guard Schultz, Pat St. Michael - Crowley
B 1961 Guard Slay, Randy Logansport
B 1961 Guard Charlet, George Clinton
B 1961 Center Crochet, Glenn St. Joesph Chauvin
B 1961 Center Tilley, Marshall Haughton
B 1961 Quarterback Genovese, Bobby Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
B 1961 Quarterback Palazzoto, Sammy LA School for the Deaf
B 1961 Back Granger, Hoyle Oberlin
B 1961 Back Haynes, George Clinton
B 1961 Back Allen, Trigger Plain Dealing
B 1961 Back Patrick, Claude Holly Ridge
B 1961 Back Lassere, Allen St. James

AAA 1962 End Campbell, C.T. Sulphur
AAA 1962 End O'Brien, Bob Warren Easton
AAA 1962 Tackle Powel, Henry Bogalusa
AAA 1962 Tackle Thornton, Blocker Byrd
AAA 1962 Guard Demarie, John LaGrange
AAA 1962 Guard Mittelbronn, Ed DeLaSalle
AAA 1962 Center Hopper, Mike Istrouma
AAA 1962 Quarterback Honaker, Greg Bogalusa
AAA 1962 Quarterback Christ, Lloyd LaGrange
AAA 1962 Back DiBetta, Gawain Holy Cross
AAA 1962 Back Hopper, Melvin Istrouma
AAA 1962 Back Coco, Malcolm DeLaSalle

AA 1962 End Garlington, Johnny Jonesboro-Hodge
AA 1962 End Vizier, Kenneth LaRose-Cutoff
AA 1962 Tackle Matthews, Wayne Springhill
AA 1962 Tackle Segars, John Neville
AA 1962 Guard White, Nick Neville
AA 1962 Guard Sharon, Nolan Plaquemine
AA 1962 Center Milliner, John Pineville
AA 1962 Quarterback Stokely, Nelson Crowley
AA 1962 Back Howard, Jimmy Neville
AA 1962 Back Partin, Charles Jennings
AA 1962 Back Millet, Norman Reserve

A 1962 End Lambright, Billy Mansfield
A 1962 End L'Hoste, Henry St. Bernard
A 1962 Tackle LeBlanc, A. Catholic (NI)
A 1962 Tackle Fredrick, Roy St. Amant
A 1962 Guard Neustrom, Mike Catholic (NI)
A 1962 Guard Jeans, Eugene Basile
A 1962 Center Robichaux, David St. Francis
A 1962 Quarterback Clifton, Sammy Mansfield
A 1962 Back Joseph, Jerry University Lab
A 1962 Back Gosnell, Chester Catholic (NI)
A 1962 Back Jeter, Ron Ferriday

B 1962 End Duhon, Stedman Lake Arthur
B 1962 End Goutierrez, Shelly Erath
B 1962 End Kifer, Danny Newellton
B 1962 End Necaise, Ralph St. Francisville
B 1962 Tackle Weilbacher, Paule Ridgewood Prep
B 1962 Tackle Reed, Irving Oberlin
B 1962 Tackle McLane, Steve St. Edmund
B 1962 Tackle Lindsey, Tommy Coushatta
B 1962 Guard Lewis, Ben St. Michael - Crowley
B 1962 Guard Bourgoyne, Earl St. John-Plaquemine
B 1962 Guard Beauchamp, John Clinton
B 1962 Guard Malley, Gerald Cotton Valley
B 1962 Center Andrews, Billy Clinton
B 1962 Center Taylor, Chet Columbia
B 1962 Quarterback Leake, Bobby St. Francisville
B 1962 Quarterback Whitman, Loyd Lake Arthur
B 1962 Back Schexnayder, Arthur St. James
B 1962 Back DeGeneres, Amile Clinton
B 1962 Back Lambrecht, Jeff LA School for the Deaf
B 1962 Back Duff, Jimmy Columbia
B 1962 Back Jenkins, Butch Logansport
B 1962 Back Smith, Kirby Kinder

AAA 1963 End Borison, Bob Holy Cross
AAA 1963 End Jones, David West Monroe
AAA 1963 Tackle Rogers, Charles Istrouma
AAA 1963 Tackle West, Elton Sulphur
AAA 1963 Guard Bates, Bill Bolton
AAA 1963 Guard Eumont, Victor Holy Cross
AAA 1963 Center Wilson, Barry Holy Cross
AAA 1963 Quarterback Michaud, Mickey Bastrop
AAA 1963 Back Head, Ricky Bastrop
AAA 1963 Back LeBlanc, Maurice Lafayette
AAA 1963 Back Prather, Neal Bossier
AAA 1963 Back Harson, Doug Terrebonne
AAA 1963 Back McElween, Grant Bogalusa

AA 1963 End Brewer, Mike Minden
AA 1963 End Garlington, Johnny Jonesboro-Hodge
AA 1963 Tackle Hutson, Carl Central (BR)
AA 1963 Tackle Reddell, Charles Jennings
AA 1963 Guard Moses, John DeRidder
AA 1963 Guard Sobert, Roy  Thibodaux
AA 1963 Center McClure, Dennis Minden
AA 1963 Quarterback Duhon, Bobby Abbeville
AA 1963 Back Haynes, Fred Minden
AA 1963 Back Allen, Tommy DeRidder
AA 1963 Back Matte, Frank Jennings

A 1963 End Richard, Bennie Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1963 End Dodd, Bill University Lab
A 1963 Tackle Carpenter, Fred Amite
A 1963 Tackle Terral, Tim Lake Providence
A 1963 Guard Neustrom, Mike Catholic (NI)
A 1963 Guard Jeans, Eugene Basile
A 1963 Center Sullivan, Toby Raceland
A 1963 Quarterback Vidrine, Jimmy Basile
A 1963 Back Roper, Wayne DeQuincy
A 1963 Back Gros, George Catholic (NI)
A 1963 Back Mixon, Fred Amite

B 1963 End Greer, Mike Vidalia
B 1963 End Miller, Bo Holly Ridge
B 1963 End Duty, Pat Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1963 End Charlet, Peter Clinton
B 1963 Tackle Matherne, Roman Lockport
B 1963 Tackle Esponge, Roland Decambre
B 1963 Tackle Wisner, Bo Vidalia
B 1963 Tackle LaBiche, Bobby Ridgewood Prep
B 1963 Guard Durrett, Arthur Arcadia
B 1963 Guard Delahayne, John St. John-Plaquemine
B 1963 Guard Sibley, Hugh Greensburg
B 1963 Guard LaFleur, John Elton
B 1963 Center Davidson, Jerry Clinton
B 1963 Center Furge, David St. Michael - Crowley
B 1963 Quarterback Segura, Terry Erath
B 1963 Quarterback Hilman, Mike Lockport
B 1963 Back Eastman, John St. Martin
B 1963 Back Meaux, Ray Lake Arthur
B 1963 Back Preis, Edwin Newellton
B 1963 Back Reed, Billy Holly Ridge
B 1963 Back Grezaffi, Sammy Catholic (New Roads)
B 1963 Back Record, Charles Clinton

AAA 1964 End Liberto, Ken Woodlawn
AAA 1964 End Brupbacher, Ross Lafayette
AAA 1964 Tackle Curtis, John East Jefferson
AAA 1964 Tackle Weatherfod, Allen Sulphur
AAA 1964 Guard Ferro, Kenny Warren Easton
AAA 1964 Guard Creger, Harold St. Aloysius
AAA 1964 Center Farrar, Seve Pineville
AAA 1964 Quarterback Prather, Trey Woodlawn
AAA 1964 Running Back Johnson, John Byrd
AAA 1964 Running Back Clark, Buzz Lake Charles
AAA 1964 Running Back Bevan, George Baton Rouge
AAA 1964 End Goldberg, Danny Byrd
AAA 1964 End Youngblood, Tommy Fair Park
AAA 1964 Tackle Ryder, Robert Bolton
AAA 1964 Tackle Trosclair, Mitchell Thibodaux
AAA 1964 Guard Lacoste, Kelly Istrouma
AAA 1964 Linebacker Ledoux, Steve Sulphur
AAA 1964 Linebacker Mistric, Billy Glen Oaks
AAA 1964 Cornerback Walker, Joe Byrd
AAA 1964 Cornerback Bardwell, Princeton Baton Rouge
AAA 1964 Halfback Dupin, Greg LaGrange
AAA 1964 Halfback Trahan, Jimmy Terrebonne

AA 1964 End Domingue, Johnny Redemptorist
AA 1964 End Prather, Billy Crowley
AA 1964 Tackle Sims, George Menard
AA 1964 Tackle Rabb, C.C. Ferriday
AA 1964 Guard Neustrom, Mike Catholic (NI)
AA 1964 Guard Treadaway, Antoine Jesuit
AA 1964 Center McCaskill, Larry Central (BR)
AA 1964 Quarterback Mansur, Steve Redemptorist
AA 1964 Running Back O'Neal, Johnny Assumption
AA 1964 Running Back Papa, Tony Jesuit
AA 1964 Running Back Fonte, Bob Zachary

A 1964 End Moron, Don Tallulah
A 1964 End Floyd, Duane Woodlawn
A 1964 Tackle St. Blanc, Lawrence Hanson
A 1964 Tackle Homes, James Destrehan
A 1964 Guard Russell, Tony Tallulah
A 1964 Guard Fredrick, Tim Belle Chasse
A 1964 Center Marcello, Craig Lockport
A 1964 Quarterback Hilman, Mike Lockport
A 1964 Running Back Frye, Barton University Lab
A 1964 Running Back Gammill, Mike Oak Grove
A 1964 Running Back Broadway, Mickey Oak Grove

B 1964 End Lambright, Terry  Oberlin
B 1964 End White, James Cotton Valley
B 1964 End Whetstone, Bob Central Catholic
B 1964 End Miller, Bo Holly Ridge
B 1964 Tackle Chaumont, Terry Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1964 Tackle Shinkus, Walter Logansport
B 1964 Tackle Lirette, Danny St. Joseph
B 1964 Tackle Grapes, Louis Ridgewood Prep
B 1964 Guard Musgrove, Larry Jackson
B 1964 Guard Kincade, Dean Ridgewood Prep
B 1964 Guard Hayes, Kirk Central Catholic
B 1964 Guard Storer, John Kinder
B 1964 Center Conner, Lynn South Cameron
B 1964 Center Newman, Jimmy  Sicily Island
B 1964 Quarterback Ashley, Gayle Crowville
B 1964 Quarterback Hurst, Mackey Greensburg
B 1964 Halfback Ditch, Mike Central Catholic
B 1964 Halfback Spears, Douglas Logansport
B 1964 Halfback Ready, Arnold Sicily Island
B 1964 Halfback Day, Lynn Greensburg
B 1964 Fullback Williams, Wayne Port Barre
B 1964 Fullback Preis, Edwin Newellton

AAA 1965 End Smith, Jerry Fair Park
AAA 1965 End Spinks, Tommy Woodlawn
AAA 1965 Tackle Davis, Arthur Sulphur
AAA 1965 Tackle Broussard, Stan Lafayette
AAA 1965 Guard Estep, Jack Airline
AAA 1965 Guard Guidroz, Terry Terrebonne
AAA 1965 Center Smith, Mike Baton Rouge
AAA 1965 Quarterback Miller, John Fair Park
AAA 1965 Running Back Brupbacher, Ross Lafayette
AAA 1965 Running Back Estess, Rudy Airline
AAA 1965 Running Back Neilson, Bobby  West Jefferson
AAA 1965 End Cespiva, Wayne Bolton
AAA 1965 End Diliberto, Joe St. Aloysius
AAA 1965 Tackle Davis, Arthur Sulphur
AAA 1965 Tackle Tolle, Mike Lee
AAA 1965 Guard Ivey, Eddie Baton Rouge
AAA 1965 Linebacker Carlin, Kent Sulphur
AAA 1965 Linebacker Anderson, Mike Lee
AAA 1965 Cornerback Thomason, Bill Sulphur
AAA 1965 Cornerback Marino, Dick Jesuit
AAA 1965 Halfback Polozola, Steve Catholic (BR)
AAA 1965 Halfback Francingues, Wayne Jesuit

AA 1965 End McCalman, Duvall Homer
AA 1965 End Hurd, Roy Covington
AA 1965 Tackle Marino, Joey Plaquemine
AA 1965 Tackle Fullilove, Clyde LaRose-Cutoff
AA 1965 Guard Marino, Joey Plaquemine
AA 1965 Guard Scelfo, Jr. Sam Abbeville
AA 1965 Center Craig, Tommy Central (BR)
AA 1965 Quarterback Audirisch, Mike Morgan City
AA 1965 Running Back Papa, Tony Jesuit
AA 1965 Running Back Bennett, Robert  Amite
AA 1965 Running Back Pitre, Carl LaRose-Cutoff

A 1965 End Ascunsion, Luigi St. Bernard
A 1965 End Ivey, David Lake Providence
A 1965 Tackle Frith, Kenneth Lake Providence
A 1965 Tackle Woods, Tommy  Lutcher
A 1965 Guard Culbreath, Danny Mansfield
A 1965 Guard Foret, Lynn Landry
A 1965 Center Zaunbrecher, Godfrey St. Michael - Crowley
A 1965 Quarterback Jones, Sidney Landry
A 1965 Running Back Maroney, Chuck Mansfield
A 1965 Running Back Frazier, Alvin Vidalia
A 1965 Running Back Hernandez, Bradley St. Bernard
A 1965 Running Back Wood, Richard St. Bernard

B 1965 End Cox, Skipper Ridgewood Prep
B 1965 End White, Jams Cotton Valley
B 1965 End Henderson, Larry Arcadia
B 1965 End Priddy, J.E. St. Francisville
B 1965 Tackle Miller, Ronnie St. Francis
B 1965 Tackle Roberts, Willard Crowville
B 1965 Tackle Mixon, Archie Kentwood
B 1965 Tackle Cobb, Bill Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1965 Guard Borg, Rick Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1965 Guard Fruge, Mike Kinder
B 1965 Guard Wells, Larry Sicily Island
B 1965 Guard Falgoust, Frankie St. James
B 1965 Center Huddleston, Travis Plain Dealing
B 1965 Center Detiveaux, Carl St. Joseph
B 1965 Quarterback Holland, Ronnie Arcadia
B 1965 Quarterback Balsamo, Glen Mid-City Baptist
B 1965 Running Back Fusilier, Henry Central Catholic
B 1965 Running Back Lyles, Ken Ridgewood Prep
B 1965 Running Back Benoit, Johnny Goretti
B 1965 Running Back Hymel, Leslie St. James
B 1965 Running Back Green, Jimmy Kinder
B 1965 Running Back Travis, Winford Greensburg

AAA 1966 End Truax, Jesse  Holy Cross
AAA 1966 End Clark, Jimmy Bastrop
AAA 1966 Tackle Sisson, Lee Broadmoor
AAA 1966 Tackle Demarie, Mike LaGrange
AAA 1966 Center Lewis, Robert Ruston
AAA 1966 Quarterback Duhe, Butch Holy Cross
AAA 1966 Back Anderson, Lee Lee
AAA 1966 Back Green, George Nicholls
AAA 1966 Back Oglesby, Ross Woodlawn
AAA 1966 End Richard, Daryl South Lafourche
AAA 1966 End Sweat, Mike Glen Oaks
AAA 1996 Tackle Haggard, Don Glen Oaks
AAA 1966 Tackle Crain, Willie Bogalusa
AAA 1966 Guard Walsh, Jimmy Broadmoor
AAA 1966 Guard Smith, Steve Neville
AAA 1966 Linebacker Anderson, Mike  Lee
AAA 1966 Linebacker Usey, Bently West Jefferson
AAA 1966 Cornerback Plaisance, H South Lafourche
AAA 1966 Cornerback LaCour, Dick Jesuit
AAA 1966 Safety Burns, Craig Baton Rouge

AA 1966 End Vaccaro, Nicky Redemptorist
AA 1966 End Sirmon, Louis Hahnville
AA 1966 Tackle Potts, Billy  Central (BR)
AA 1966 Tackle Craig, Jerry DeRidder
AA 1966 Guard Gill, Roger Ponchatoula
AA 1966 Guard Blanchard, Ken Catholic (NI)
AA 1966 Center Poche, Albert Reserve
AA 1966 End Spangler, Mike Winnfield
AA 1966 End Guzman, Ronnie Lake Charles
AA 1966 Tackle Street, Steve Lake Charles
AA 1966 Tackle Schexnayder, Lowell Lutcher
AA 1966 Guard Sessions, Tommy Tallulah
AA 1966 Linebacker Cascio, Louis Jesuit
AA 1966 Linebacker Pace, John Tioga
AA 1966 Cornerback Powers, Steve Westlake
AA 1966 Cornerback Vaccaro, Nicky Redemptorist
AA 1966 Halfback Daigle, Francis Lake Charles
AA 1966 Halfback Banks, Don Covington

A 1966 End Johnson,Walker University Lab
A 1966 End Volentine,Wayabe Homer
A 1966 Tackle Beach,Alfred Vidalia
A 1966 Tackle Jurisich, Malcolm Buras
A 1966 Guard Ruffin,Jim Mansfield
A 1966 Guard Curtis, Leon John Curtis
A 1966 Center Spillers,Buddy Vidalia
A 1966 Quarterback Higgins,Billy Vidalia
A 1966 Halfback Hibbs,Jimmy Vidalia
A 1966 Halfback Autenreith,John Newman
A 1966 Fullback Guttry, Carlos Buras
A 1966 Defense Specialist Frye, Lloyd University Lab
A 1966 Offense Specialist Frazier,Alvin Vidalia

B 1966 End Maruel,Brent Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1966 End Ryan,Bo Benton
B 1966 End Guidry,Rudy St. James
B 1966 End Brabham,David Greensburg
B 1966 Tackle Travis,Jerry Kentwood
B 1966 Tackle Domangue,Mike St. Joseph
B 1966 Tackle Lagrosse,Larry Ridgewood Prep
B 1966 Tackle Davidson,Robert Arcadia
B 1966 Guard DeLee, Sammy Jacskon
B 1966 Guard Frazier, Wayne Kentwood
B 1966 Guard Morales, George South Cameron
B 1966 Guard Sikes, Larry Newellton
B 1966 Center Blades, Warren Kentwood
B 1966 Center Mount, Ben Iowa
B 1966 Quarterback Montz, Charles St. Edmund
B 1966 Quarterback Convington, Dickie Kentwood
B 1966 Halfback Garner, Ronnie Kentwood
B 1966 Halfback Kuss, Charlie Kentwood
B 1966 Halfback Webre, Ricky St. James
B 1966 Halfback Hoggatt, Ned Wisner
B 1966 Halfback Landry, Mike Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1966 Halfback Breaux, Robert Central Catholic
B 1966 Halfback LeBlanc Hanson
B 1966 Halfback Wallis, Tommy Benton
B 1966 Fullback Hornsby, Ronnie Greensburg
B 1966 Fullback Loe, Tom Arcadia
B 1966 Punter Kent, Paul Jacskon

AAA 1967 End Traux, Jesse Holy Cross
AAA 1967 End Hamiltion, Andy Ruston
AAA 1967 Tackle Demarie, Mike Lake Charles
AAA 1967 Tackle Besselman, Tom Holy Cross
AAA 1967 Guard Quick, Jim Glen Oaks
AAA 1967 Guard Pool, Roger Woodlawn
AAA 1967 Center Thibodeaux, Joe Holy Cross
AAA 1967 Quarterback Ferguson, Joe Woodlawn
AAA 1967 Running Back Hrapmann, Ken Holy Cross
AAA 1967 Running Back Kilpatrick, Eric Airline
AAA 1967 Running Back Dantin, Chris Catholic (BR)
AAA 1967 End Pounds, Greg Bogalusa
AAA 1967 End Oser, Hugh Jesuit (NO)
AAA 1967 Tackle Nicaud, Phil DeLaSalle
AAA 1967 Tackle Lecompte, Jessie Houma
AAA 1967 Guard Demarie, Mike Lake Charles
AAA 1967 Guard Arthur, Larry Holy Cross
AAA 1967 Linebacker Usey, Bently West Jefferson
AAA 1967 Linebacker Rutland, Pepper Baton Rouge
AAA 1967 Linebacker Devall, Bob Lake Charles
AAA 1967 Defensive Back Duplessis, Kerry Glen Oaks (BR)
AAA 1967 Defensive Back Stephens, Tony Lake Charles
AAA 1967 Kicker Wattigney, Bob Holy Cross

AA 1967 End Whittington, Gaynell Central (BR)
AA 1967 End Elledge, Ken Tallulah
AA 1967 Tackle Street, Steve Lake Charles
AA 1967 Tackle Meadors, George Denham Springs
AA 1967 Guard Gregorio, Sam Jesuit
AA 1967 Guard LaCaze, John Natchitoches Central
AA 1967 Center Jaubert, Jack Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
AA 1967 Quarterback Lantrip, Lake Lake Charles
AA 1967 Running Back Yerby, Danny Jesuit
AA 1967 Running Back Batey, Jimmy Franklin
AA 1967 Running Back Green, James Jennings
AA 1967 End Ramsey, Peter Jesuit
AA 1967 End Haik, Dickie Catholic (NI)
AA 1967 Tackle Cisco, George Woodlawn (BR)
AA 1967 Tackle Mansour, Al Alexandria
AA 1967 Guard Abrusley, Eddie Oakdale
AA 1967 Guard Hotard, Steve Lake Charles
AA 1967 Linebacker Cascio, Louis Jesuit
AA 1967 Linebacker Bernard, M. Central (BR)
AA 1967 Linebacker Guzman, Ronnie Lake Charles
AA 1967 Deep Back Hood, Bill Amite
AA 1967 Deep Back Yerby, Danny Jesuit
AA 1967 Specialist Keller, Steve Hahnville

A 1967 End Kramer, Mike Winnsboro
A 1967 End Tullis, Phil Houma
A 1967 Tackle Israel, Phil Bunkie
A 1967 Tackle Beach, Alford Vidalia
A 1967 Guard Poss, Mike Homer
A 1967 Guard Ronkartz, Byron Notre Dame
A 1967 Center Murray, Phil Franklinton
A 1967 Quarterback Robichaux, Mike Vandebilt  Catholic
A 1967 Running Back Mays, Gary Buras
A 1967 Running Back Day, Ed St. Francisville
A 1967 Running Back Loyd, Mike Winnsboro
A 1967 End Shockley, David Lake Providence
A 1967 End Ducote, Dan Bunkie
A 1967 Tackle Preaus, Joe Farmerville
A 1967 Tackle Beach, Alford Vidalia
A 1967 Guard Curtis, Leon John Curtis
A 1967 Guard Wright, Tommy Vandebilt  Catholic
A 1967 Linebacker Frye, Lloyd University Lab
A 1967 Linebacker Lewis, Mark Vidalia
A 1967 Linebacker Edward,Tom Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1967 Defensive Back Mays, Gary Buras
A 1967 Defensive Back Morgan, Mike Vidalia
A 1967 Specialist Guillory, Terry Bunkie

B 1967 End Smith, Mike St. Joseph Chauvin
B 1967 End Judice, Clay Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1967 End Schexnayder, Nelson St. James
B 1967 End McCauly, Neal Jackson
B 1967 Tackle Carey, Mike Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1967 Tackle Nicholas, Douglas Wisner
B 1967 Tackle Langley, Stanford Oberlin
B 1967 Guard Vidrine, Mitch Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1967 Guard Egloff, Causey Sicily Island
B 1967 Guard Lagarousse, Gus Ridgewood Prep
B 1967 Guard Frazier, Wayne Kentwood
B 1967 Center Johnson, Anthony Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1967 Center Sutton, Henry Arcadia
B 1967 Quarterback Ihern, Gary Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1967 Quarterback Fontana, Anthony Vermilion Catholic
B 1967 Back Davenport, James Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1967 Back Brabham, David Greensburg
B 1967 Back Ready, Carl Sicily Island
B 1967 Back Hoggatt, Eric Wisner
B 1967 Back Strahle, Lenny St. John
B 1967 Back Parker, Eddy Logansport
B 1967 Specialist Humphrey, Grady Newellton

AAA 1968 End Hollingsworth, Mark Woodlawn (SH)
AAA 1968 End Dupre, Reggie Opelousas
AAA 1968 Tackle McKiever, Jim Sulphur
AAA 1968 Tackle Nicar, Randy Morgan City
AAA 1968 Guard Robbins, Butch Sulphur
AAA 1968 Guard Bendily, Glen Ouachita
AAA 1968 Center Knowles, Chuck Holy Cross
AAA 1968 Quarterback Ferguson,Joe Woodlawn (SH)
AAA 1968 Halfback LeDoux, Jimmy Sulphur
AAA 1968 Fullback Moley, Stanley Chalmette
AAA 1968 End Frazier, Ronnie Woodlawn (SH)
AAA 1968 End Jeffrey, Sonny Neville
AAA 1968 Tackle McKiever, Jim Sulphur
AAA 1968 Tackle Myers, Norbert Sulphur
AAA 1968 Guard Lafauci, Tyler DeLaSalle
AAA 1968 Linebacker Talbot, Everett Terrebonne
AAA 1968 Linebacker Mahfouz, Stafford Lafayette
AAA 1968 Cornerback Hand, Cayce Woodlawn (SH)
AAA 1968 Cornerback Gill, Robert Glen Oaks
AAA 1968 Safety Trapani, Mike Redemptorist (NO)
AAA 1968 Safety Neil, Greg LaGrange
AAA 1968 Kicker Clement, Danny Thibodaux

AA 1968 End Raymond, Don Hahnville
AA 1968 End Allen, Billy North Caddo
AA 1968 Tackle Bertrand, Earl Westlake
AA 1968 Tackle Raymond, Randy Plaquemine
AA 1968 Guard Powers, Mike Westlake
AA 1968 Guard Gregorio,Sam Jesuit (SH)
AA 1968 Quarterback Hebert, Lynn Hahnville
AA 1968 Halfback Poisso, Randy Winnfield
AA 1968 Halfback Guillory,Terry Natchitoches Central
AA 1968 Fullback Black, Coney Hammond
AA 1968 End Hebert, Dwaine Redemptorist (BR)
AA 1968 End Miller, Donald Scott
AA 1968 Tackle Elina, Nick Jesuit (SH)
AA 1968 Guard McCain, Mike Hahnville
AA 1968 Linebacker Hillman, Phil Central Lafourche
AA 1968 Linebacker Dirigolamo, Sam Denham Springs
AA 1968 Halfback Reeh, Daryl Northwood
AA 1968 Halfback Bujol, Eugine Plaquemine
AA 1968 Safety Cook, Louis Rayne
AA 1968 Safety Tullus, Jimmy Hammond
AA 1968 Punter Gainey, Jim Hammond

A 1968 End Meredith, Ray Lake Providence
A 1968 End D'Avy, Daryl Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A  1968 Tackle Deshotel, Seldon Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1968 Tackle Borne, Richard E.D. White
A 1968 Guard Manuel, Pat Mamou
A 1968 Guard Storer, George Kinder
A 1968 Center Miller, Pat Iota
A 1968 Quarterback Kennedy, Joe Lake Providence
A 1968 Halfback Shoemaker, Mike Rayville
A 1968 Halfback Denny, Steve Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
A 1968 Fullback Miller, Dale Franklinton
A 1968 End Deshotel, Seldon Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1968 End Gamble, Hank St. Martin
A 1968 Tackle Lee, Tommy Mansfield
A 1968 Tackle Rice, Louis Kinder
A 1968 Guard Poss, Mark Homer
A 1968 Linebacker Gros, Tommy E.D. White
A 1968 Linebacker Storer, George Kinder
A 1968 Cornerback Weimar, Chester E.D. White
A 1968 Cornerback Stokes, Shaw Mansfield
A 1968 Halfback D'Avy, Daryl Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1968 Halfback Fontenot, Drew Kinder
A 1968 Kicker Bolton, Bruce Lake Providence

B 1968 End Merritt, Tommy Benton
B 1968 End Woodward, Keith Midland
B 1968 End Judice, Clay Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1968 End Acrement, Wade Holy Savior
B 1968 Tackle Hornsby, John Sam Barthe
B 1968 Tackle Morton, Mike Benton
B 1968 Tackle Oschwald, Charles Ascension Catholic
B 1968 Tackle Nelson, Gus Teurlings Catholic
B 1968 Guard Frazier, Wayne Kentwood
B 1968 Guard Berken, Clarence Goretti
B 1968 Guard LaFleur, Wayne Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1968 Guard Lagrosse, Gus Ridgewood Prep
B 1968 Center Saichuck, Chuch Hanson
B 1968 Center Steib, Ronald St. James
B 1968 Quarterback Benard, Bobby Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1968 Quarterback Phares, Ken Clinton
B 1968 Halfback Percy, Bill Clinton
B 1968 Halfback Gravois, Dean St. James
B 1968 Halfback Martinez, Billy Sam Barthe
B 1968 Halfback Krause, Henry Sicily Island
B 1968 Fullback Latino, Louis Ascension Catholic
B 1968 Fullback Davenport, James Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1968 Offense Specialist Acrement, Benton Holy Savior

AAA 1969 End Touchet, Bobby Broadmoor
AAA 1969 End Boyette, Danny Fair Park
AAA 1969 Tackle Nicar, Randy Morgan City
AAA 1969 Tackle Jones, Jimmy New Iberia
AAA 1969 Guard Lafauci, Tyler DeLaSalle
AAA 1969 Guard McGehee, Butch Bogalusa
AAA 1969 Center Bates, Russell Neville
AAA 1969 Quarterback Smith, Don Bogalusa
AAA 1969 Halfback Smith, Gary Airline
AAA 1969 Halfback Duplessis, Steve Glen Oaks
AAA 1969 Fullback Foreman, George LaGrange
AAA 1969 End Battle, Charles Fair Park
AAA 1969 End Truax, Mike Holy Cross
AAA 1969 Tackle King, John Fair Park
AAA 1969 Tackle Delaney, Dennis Holy Cross
AAA 1969 Guard Divincenti, David Catholic (BR)
AAA 1969 Guard Lafauci, Tyler De La Salle
AAA 1969 Linebacker Soileau, Don LaGrange
AAA 1969 Linebacker Capone, Warren Catholic (BR)
AAA 1969 Halfback Griener, David St. Paul
AAA 1969 Halfback Rodrigue, Rickey West Jefferson
AAA 1969 Safety Hrapmann, Bob Holy Cross
AAA 1969 Specialist Powell, Willie Bogalusa

AA 1969 End Dragg, Johnny Covington
AA 1969 End Blackwell, Barry Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1969 Tackle Payne, Pat Jesuit (SH)
AA 1969 Tackle O'Brien Kaplan
AA 1969 Guard Crochet, Clinton Assumption
AA 1969 Guard Russell, Travis Tallulah
AA 1969 Center McCain, Steve Natchitoches Central
AA 1969 Quarterback Knecht, Gene Natchitoches Central
AA 1969 Halfback Fulford, Don Ferriday
AA 1969 Halfback Davis, Brad Hammond
AA 1969 Fullback Cox, Larry Tallulah
AA 1969 End Watson, Randy Denham Springs
AA 1969 End Thompson, Arthur Ponchatoula
AA 1969 Tackle Payne, Pat Jesuit (SH)
AA 1969 Tackle Crochet, Clinton Assumption
AA 1969 Guard Campbell, Robert Ferriday
AA 1969 Guard Landy, Frank Hahnville
AA 1969 Linebacker Whittington, Ricky Natchitoches Central
AA 1969 Linebacker Smith, Phil Church Point
AA 1969 Deep Back Payne, Joe Beck Natchitoches Central
AA 1969 Deep Back Taylor, Glen Wossman
AA 1969 Safety Hill, Bobby Hammond
AA 1969 Specialist Richards, Robby Winnfield

A 1969 End Meredith, Ray Lake Providence
A 1969 End Hemphill, Tommy LaSalle
A 1969 Tackle Ellis, Bubba Lake Providence
A 1969 Tackle Wofford, Glen Berwick
A 1969 Guard Kahn, Charles "Chip" Newman
A 1969 Guard Dupuius, Dicky Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
A 1969 Center Downing, Billy University Lab
A 1969 Quarterback Kennedy, Joe Lake Providence
A 1969 Halfback Erwin, Tommy Franklinton
A 1969 Halfback Clements, Miles Newman
A 1969 Fullback Dupious, Prescott Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1969 End Szush, Terry E.D. White
A 1969 End McAllen, Don Mansfield
A 1969 Tackle Autin, David Mansfield
A 1969 Tackle Davis, Hosea Franklinton
A 1969 Guard Prejean, Curtis Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
A 1969 Guard Hickman, Doye Haynesville
A 1969 Linebacker Robinson, John Homer
A 1969 Linebacker Prejean, Mike E.D. White
A 1969 Defensive Back Cockern, Jimmy Franklinton
A 1969 Defensive Back Hansen, Eric Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
A 1969 Safety Prince, Donnie Homer
A 1969 Offense Specialist Descent, Dwight Bunkie

B 1969 End Rolen, Wade Cotton Valley
B 1969 End Miller, Jude St. Edmund
B 1969 End Pere, Glen Vermilion Catholic
B 1969 End Gills, Tommy Davidson
B 1969 Tackle Prine, Robert Kentwood
B 1969 Tackle Barouse, David Central Catholic
B 1969 Tackle Becnel, Wayne St. James
B 1969 Tackle Klumpp, Ronnie Basile
B 1969 Guard Holloway, Sam Central Catholic
B 1969 Guard Hebert, Russell Holy Savior
B 1969 Guard Oliver, Craig Sacred Heart (VP)
B 1969 Guard Becker, Freddy Arcadia
B 1969 Center Coker, Bruce Benton
B 1969 Center Wake, Steve Lake Arthur
B 1969 Quarterback Lavin, Jimmy Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1969 Quarterback Spears, Jamie Kentwood
B 1969 Quarterback Gregg, Jerry Sterlington
B 1969 Halfback Martin, Guy Benton
B 1969 Halfback Delatte, Brian St. James
B 1969 Halfback Fornea, John Pride
B 1969 Halfback DeSoto, Richard Fatima (Lafayette)
B 1969 Fullback Domingue, Keith Holy Savior
B 1969 Fullback Wolf, Jeff St. Frederick
B 1969 Specialist Koch, David Sam Barthe

AAAA 1970 End Brown, Gregory Capitol
AAAA 1970 End Burks, John East Jefferson
AAAA 1970 Tackle Crouch, Randy Sulphur
AAAA 1970 Tackle Cenac, Ken South Terrebonne
AAAA 1970 Guard Marciante, Anthony West Jefferson
AAAA 1970 Guard Warner, Robert Bogalusa
AAAA 1970 Center Moses, Phillip Sulphur
AAAA 1970 Quarterback Booty, Johnny Woodlawn
AAAA 1970 Running Back Rogers, Steve Ruston
AAAA 1970 Running Back Usey, Darby West Jefferson
AAAA 1970 Running Back Ezzell, Chris Brother Martin
AAAA 1970 End Harris, Bo Captain Shreve
AAAA 1970 End King, David West Monroe
AAAA 1970 Tackle Delaney, Dennis Holy Cross
AAAA 1970 Tackle Cenac, Ken South Terrebonne
AAAA 1970 Guard Fletcher, Randy Tara
AAAA 1970 Guard Danos, Allen South Lafourche
AAAA 1970 Linebacker Hymel, Calvin Bogalusa
AAAA 1970 Linebacker Zeno, Rodney West Jefferson
AAAA 1970 Defensive Back Dorsey, Al New Iberia
AAAA 1970 Defensive Back Duncan, David Captain Shreve
AAAA 1970 Defensive Back Johnson, Steve Baker

AAA 1970 End Mitchell, Joe Richwood
AAA 1970 End Trahan, Warren Acadiana
AAA 1970 Tackle Matthews, Larry Richwood
AAA 1970 Tackle Bell, Nathan Hammond
AAA 1970 Guard Deliberto, Mike Hammond
AAA 1970 Guard Agosta, Mauri Plaquemine
AAA 1970 Center McCain, Steve Natchitoches Central
AAA 1970 Quarterback Bailey, Tony Rayville
AAA 1970 Running Back Davis, Brad Hammond
AAA 1970 Running Back McDaniels, Charles Springhill
AAA 1970 Running Back Lawrence, Raymond Oakdale
AAA 1970 End Campbell, Marvin Jonesboro-Hodge
AAA 1970 End Ceasar, Brad Eunice
AAA 1970 Tackle Barber, Robert Ferriday
AAA 1970 Tackle Files, James Franklin
AAA 1970 Guard Craft, Kenny Bossier
AAA 1970 Guard Juhasz, Mike Hammond
AAA 1970 Linebacker Tabor, Robert Springhill
AAA 1970 Linebacker Hill, Bobby Hammond
AAA 1970 Deep Back Thomas, Jackie Ferriday
AAA 1970 Deep Back Boyd, Brad Jennings
AAA 1970 Deep Back Williams, Mike Covington
AAA 1970 Kicker Primeaux, Randy Abbeville

AA 1970 End Farrell, Ken Homer
AA 1970 End Moberly, Stuart Tallulah
AA 1970 Tackle Browning, Bates Zachary
AA 1970 Tackle Baker, Alan South Cameron
AA 1970 Guard Landy, David Central Carmel
AA 1970 Guard Yancy, Stanley Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1970 Center Bienvenu, Greg Central Carmel
AA 1970 Quarterback Hatch, Bill Opelousas Catholic (AIC)
AA 1970 Running Back Clements, Miles Newman
AA 1970 Running Back Neustrom, David Catholic (NI)
AA 1970 Running Back Chambers, Russell Loranger
AA 1970 End Flournoy, Larry Haynesville
AA 1970 End Gordon, Pat Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1970 Tackle Prejean, Curtis Central Carmel
AA 1970 Tackle Mooer, Barry Kinder
AA 1970 Guard Allen, Dale Zachary
AA 1970 Guard Franklin, Dee Otis Homer
AA 1970 Linebacker Ortego, Johnny Sacred Heart (VP)
AA 1970 Linebacker Leblanc, Brannon Franklinton
AA 1970 Deep Back Corkern, Jimmy Franklinton
AA 1970 Deep Back Meadors, Jimmy  Haynesville
AA 1970 Deep Back Pike, Mike Sam Barthe

A 1970 End Wilson, Joe Cotton Valley
A 1970 End Foreman, Randy Fatima (Lafayette)
A 1970 End Jacobs, A.J. Loreauville
A 1970 End Doiron, Greg Goretti
A 1970 Tackle Gay, Leon Coushatta
A 1970 Tackle Thompson, Homer Sicily Island
A 1970 Tackle Bertrand, Byron Elton
A 1970 Tackle Price, Mark Central Catholic
A 1970 Guard Kirby, Tommy Sicily Island
A 1970 Guard Foreman, Mike Vermilion Catholic
A 1970 Guard Wilson, Gerald Southern Lab
A 1970 Guard Riche, Ike Cottonport
A 1970 Center Weyand, Ricky St. Frederick
A  1970 Center Musso, Daryle Hanson
A 1970 Quarterback Kidder, Chris Fatima (Lafayette)
A 1970 Quarterback Steart, Vaness Southern Lab
A 1970 Running Back Bruchhaus, Donnie Elton
A 1970 Running Back Grayson, Jewel Coushatta
A 1970 Running Back Varnado, Doug Greensburg
A 1970 Running Back Haring, Frank Wisner
A 1970 Running Back Bergeron, Greg Central Catholic
A 1970 Running Back Odgen, Jerry Pride
A 1970 Specialist Maitrene, Clyde Edgar

AAAA 1971 End Yoder, Doug Captain Shreve
AAAA 1971 End Hagins, Isaac Byrd
AAAA 1971 Tackle Tatje, Henry Holy Cross
AAAA 1971 Tackle Smith, Theilen East Jefferson
AAAA 1971 Guard Laboux, Paul Brother Martin
AAAA 1971 Guard Fletcher, Randy Tara
AAAA 1971 Center Gaston, Cameron St. Augustine
AAAA 1971 Quarterback Saucier, Lester Sulphur
AAAA 1971 Running Back Mason, Pat Captain Shreve
AAAA 1971 Running Back Hill, Terry Tara
AAAA 1971 Running Back Lahare, Adrian Holy Cross
AAAA 1971 End Bordelon, Kenny Brother Martin
AAAA 1971 End Wimberly, Brad Neville
AAAA 1971 Tackle Berry, Chuck Fair Park
AAAA 1971 Tackle Cassidy, Steve Tara
AAAA 1971 Guard Olivari, Mark Jesuit
AAAA 1971 Linebacker Hymel, Calvin Bogalusa
AAAA 1971 Linebacker Scallan, Pat Neville
AAAA 1971 Linebacker Davis, Gerald St. Augustine
AAAA 1971 Back Williams, Jim Airline
AAAA 1971 Back Chenevert, Bobby Glen Oaks
AAAA 1971 Back Mulligan, Mike East Jefferson

AAA 1971 End Wagoner, Greg Winnfield
AAA 1971 End White, Samuel Richwood
AAA 1971 Tackle Cassell, Richard Haughton
AAA 1971 Tackle Bell, Nathan Hammond
AAA 1971 Guard Darensbourg, Gary Redemptorist
AAA 1971 Guard Orgeron, Peter South Lafourche
AAA 1971 Center Flunder, John Richwood
AAA 1971 Quarterback Simmerman, Dale Richwood
AAA 1971 Back Williams, John Wayne Winnfield
AAA 1971 Back Zeringue, Brian Central Lafourche
AAA 1971 Back Mabry, Louis Hammond
AAA 1971 End Hutchins, James Winnfield
AAA 1971 End Little, John Winnsboro
AAA 1971 Tackle Bouffanie, Mickey South Lafourche
AAA 1971 Tackle Bell, Nathan Hammond
AAA 1971 Guard Adams, Wayne South Lafourche
AAA 1971 Linebacker Johnson, Lionel Winnfield
AAA 1971 Linebacker Galijour, Dwayne South Lafourche
AAA 1971 Linebacker Mancuso, Tony Plaquemine
AAA 1971 Back Altazan, Jimmy Redemptorist
AAA 1971 Back Barber, Ronnie North Caddo
AAA 1971 Back Carter, Alan Winnfield

AA 1971 End Dupuis, Steve Opelousas Catholic
AA 1971 End Blinks, Jarvis Many
AA 1971 Tackle Ourso, Donnie White Castle
AA 1971 Tackle Longois, John Bunkie
AA 1971 Guard Stevens, Homer Sam Houston
AA 1971 Guard McDonald, Bob Homer
AA 1971 Center Firman, Phil Bunkie
AA 1971 Quarterback Williams, David Homer
AA 1971 Back Shockley, Bruce Loranger
AA 1971 Back Clements, Miles Newman
AA 1971 Back LeJeune, Bruce Donaldsonville
AA 1971 End Gordon, Pat Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1971 End Lapeyre, Jay Newman
AA 1971 Tackle Ourso, Donnie White Castle
AA 1971 Tackle Smith, Randy Vidalia
AA 1971 Guard Hebert, Lynn Iota
AA 1971 Linebacker Daily, Greg Haynesville
AA 1971 Linebacker Moseley, Bill Vidalia
AA 1971 Linebacker Hamilton, Peter Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1971 Back Maggio, Mike Vinton
AA 1971 Back Trimble, Carl Tallulah
AA 1971 Back Daigle, Jervis White Castle

A 1971 End Thomas, Carl Sarepta
A 1971 End Martin, Lindsey Wesley Ray
A 1971 Tackle Holloway, David Sarepta
A 1971 Tackle Savoy, Greg Basile
A 1971 Guard Boudreaux, Mike Mansfield
A 1971 Guard Black, Downy St. Frederick
A 1971 Center Woods, Ricky Cotton Valley
A 1971 Quarterback Robiskie, Terry Second Ward
A 1971 Running Back Bruchhaus, Donnie Elton
A 1971 Running Back Haring, Frank Wisner
A 1971 Running Back Foster, Lester Wesley Ray
A 1971 End Wiggins, Lynn Mansfield
A 1971 End Edwards, Ray Second Ward
A 1971 Tackle White, John Episcopal
A 1971 Tackle Beckwith, Carl Gilbert
A 1971 Guard Trosclair, Steve St. Joseph
A 1971 Linebacker Silman, Joe St. Edmund
A 1971 Linebacker Ellis, Perry Dale Sicily Island
A 1971 Linebacker Diel, Winston University Lab
A 1971 Deep Back Aguillard, Kent Basile
A 1971 Deep Back Primus, Calvin Pride
A 1971 Deep Back Soileau, Kirk Sacred Heart (VP)

AAAA 1972 End Mitchell, Zack New Iberia
AAAA 1972 End Hemphill, Bruce Sulphur
AAAA 1972 Tackle Crawford, Keith Brother Martin
AAAA 1972 Tackle Tuttle, Jack Airline
AAAA 1972 Guard Jones, Mike Byrd
AAAA 1972 Guard Riley, Paul Neville
AAAA 1972 Center Triche, Paul Rummel
AAAA 1972 Quarterback Walker, David Sulphur
AAAA 1972 Running Back Johnson, Melvin South Terrebonne
AAAA 1972 Running Back Tucker, Jerry Neville
AAAA 1972 Running Back Chretein, Dwight New Iberia
AAAA 1972 End Martin, Glenn Neville
AAAA 1972 End Knight, Butch Lee
AAAA 1972 Tackle Bozeman, Steve Istrouma
AAAA 1972 Tackle Jones, Mark Chalmette
AAAA 1972 Guard Brue, Darrel Brother Martin
AAAA 1972 Linebacker Edwards, Bill Rummel
AAAA 1972 Linebacker Scallan, Pat Neville
AAAA 1972 Linebacker Trosclari, Randy East Ascension
AAAA 1972 Defensive Back Williams, Jim Airline
AAAA 1972 Defensive Back Purdy, Mike Bogalusa
AAAA 1972 Defensive Back Wright, Forrest Lafayette

AAA 1972 End Edwards, David Hahnville
AAA 1972 End French, Rocky Haughton
AAA 1972 Tackle Alioso, David Morgan City
AAA 1972 Tackle Erwin, Mike Jesuit
AAA 1972 Guard Holdman, James Denham Springs
AAA 1972 Guard Naylor, Dexter Rayville
AAA 1972 Center Netterville, Andrew Denham Springs
AAA 1972 Quarterback Dempster, Ken Hahnville
AAA 1972 Running Back Gordon, Terry Rayville
AAA 1972 Running Back Hendrick, R. Morgan City
AAA 1972 Running Back Richardson, D. Covington
AAA 1972 End Keller, Byron St. James
AAA 1972 End Edwards, Jerry Ferriday
AAA 1972 Tackle Pittman, James Morgan City
AAA 1972 Tackle Johnson, James Winnfield
AAA 1972 Guard Gaudin, Perry St. Martinville
AAA 1972 Linebacker Smith, Don Bossier
AAA 1972 Linebacker Johnson, Lionel Winnfield
AAA 1972 Linebacker Gardner, Dennis Crowley
AAA 1972 Defensive Back Venable, Sidney Crowley
AAA 1972 Defensive Back Latchinson, Bobby Richwood
AAA 1972 Defensive Back Handy, Carlton Plaquemine

AA 1972 End Lavergne, Robert Boston (LC)
AA 1972 End Dupuis, Steve Opelousas Catholic
AA 1972 Tackle Meadors, Johnny Haynesville
AA 1972 Tackle Waldrond, George Boston (LC)
AA 1972 Guard Higgs, Gary Vidalia
AA 1972 Guard Longlois, James Bunkie
AA 1972 Center Ellender, Cliff Catholic (NI)
AA 1972 Quarterback Lawson, Marshall Boston (LC)
AA 1972 Running Back White, John Henry Haynesville
AA 1972 Running Back Schomberg, Eddie Donaldsonville
AA 1972 Running Back Ledet, Kevin E.D. White
AA 1972 End Sebastien, Kim Opelousas Catholic
AA 1972 End Lapeyre, Phil Newman
AA 1972 Tackle Ourso, Donnie White Castle
AA 1972 Tackle Waldrond, George Boston (LC)
AA 1972 Guard Jones, Curtis Jackson
AA 1972 Linebacker Dupuis, Steve Opelousas Catholic
AA 1972 Linebacker Meadors, Johnny Haynesville
AA 1972 Linebacker Donnes, Jeff E.D. White
AA 1972 Defensive Back Ferguson, George Jackson
AA 1972 Defensive Back Jackson, Kenny Haynesville
AA 1972 Defensive Back Mason, Terry Kinder

A 1972 End Lumar, Tyrone Second Ward
A 1972 End Brown, Harvey Plain Dealing
A 1972 Tackle Soileau, Joe Elton
A 1972 Tackle Gibson, Jerr Benton
A 1972 Guard Black, Downy St. Frederick
A 1972 Guard Coriel, Paul Sacred Heart (VP)
A 1972 Center Dennis, Kenny Sicily Island
A 1972 Quarterback Robiskie, Kenny Second Ward
A 1972 Running Back Allen, David Plain Dealing
A 1972 Running Back Ball, Bill St. Martin
A 1972 Running Back Matthews, Timmy St. John-Plaquemine
A 1972 End Wiggins, Lynn Mansfield
A 1972 End Hughes, Mike Pride
A 1972 Tackle Miller, Donald Loreauville
A 1972 Tackle Myers, Buck Merryville
A 1972 Guard Ortego, Rick Sacred Heart (VP)
A 1972 Linebacker Boudreaux, Mike Mansfield
A 1972 Linebacker Guilory, Bill Sacred Heart (VP)
A 1972 Linebacker Thompson, Andrew Wesley Ray
A 1972 Defensive Back Newman, Dennis Greensburg
A 1972 Defensive Back Brucchaus, Bryan Elton
A 1972 Defensive Back Lumar, Fedroll Second Ward

AAAA 1973 End Griffin, Robert St. Augustine
AAAA 1973 End Pennywell, Carlos Captain Shreve
AAAA 1973 Tackle Spradling, Randy Airline
AAAA 1973 Tackle Russell, Darrell Glen Oaks
AAAA 1973 Guard Rodecker, Gary Rummel
AAAA 1973 Guard Melkild, Bill Lee
AAAA 1973 Center Caravella, Don Chalmette
AAAA 1973 Quarterback Thomas, Joel Captain Shreve
AAAA 1973 Running Back Wilson, Holly West Jefferson
AAAA 1973 Running Back Knighten, Randy Baker
AAAA 1973 Running Back Moseley, Bill Captain Shreve
AAAA 1973 End Sherman, Terry St. Augustine
AAAA 1973 End Davenport, Ricky Baker
AAAA 1973 Tackle Bonvillion, Tim Istrouma
AAAA 1973 Tackle Robelet, Walter Rummel
AAAA 1973 Guard Pousson, Jimmy LaGrange
AAAA 1973 Linebacker White, Curley Captain Shreve
AAAA 1973 Linebacker Hensley, Craig Lake Charles
AAAA 1973 Linebacker Smith, Spencer Glen Oaks
AAAA 1973 Back Venable, Sidney Crowley
AAAA 1973 Back Foppe, Rod Captain Shreve
AAAA 1973 Back Serpas, Ken Southwood

AAA 1973 End Lassiegne, Andy St. Martinville
AAA 1973 End Hobdy, Lawrence Bolton
AAA 1973 Tackle Guillot, Rocky Jesuit
AAA 1973 Tackle White, Bodi Central (BR)
AAA 1973 Guard Hicky, Hal Winnfield
AAA 1973 Guard St. Marie, Guy Comeaux
AAA 1973 Center Savoie, Mike Rayne
AAA 1973 Quarterback Waguespack, Dean Destrehan
AAA 1973 Running Back Godon, Terry Rayville
AAA 1973 Running Back Magee, Woody Franklinton
AAA 1973 Running Back Hoffman, Buddy Catholic (BR)
AAA 1973 End Thomas, Troy North Caddo
AAA 1973 End Himel, Clyde Destrehan
AAA 1973 Tackle Robinson, Roosevelt Winnfield
AAA 1973 Tackle Grey, Tom St. Paul
AAA 1973 Guard Mitchell, Hebert Denham Springs
AAA 1973 Linebacker Hall, Gene Richwood
AAA 1973 Linebacker Jones, Rod Lutcher
AAA 1973 Linebacker Rebowe, Rusty Destrehan
AAA 1973 Back Kirlin, Isadore Lutcher
AAA 1973 Back Oliver, Charles Winnfield
AAA 1973 Back Cook, Ronald Winnsboro

AA 1973 End Fisher, Dru Opelousas Catholic
AA 1973 End Dean, Greg Opelousas Catholic
AA 1973 Tackle Millet, Percy John Curtis
AA 1973 Tackle Mathvin, Dee Menard
AA 1973 Guard May, Jon Homer
AA 1973 Guard Campesi, Pat White Castle
AA 1973 Center Waller, Gary Vidalia
AA 1973 Quarterback Ardoin, Curtis Opelousas Catholic
AA 1973 Running Back Minaldi, Thad St. Louis
AA 1973 Running Back Cabrera, Frank John Curtis
AA 1973 Running Back Guillot, Galen Berwick
AA 1973 End Savant, Robert Vidalia
AA 1973 End Washington, Roosevelt Shady Grove
AA 1973 Tackle Bergeron, Sammy Donaldsonville
AA 1973 Tackle Bradford, Wilfred Jackson
AA 1973 Guard Grotefend, Mike Notre Dame
AA 1973 Linebacker Blum, Steve Newman
AA 1973 Linebacker Fruge, Doug Port Barre
AA 1973 Linebacker Cupit, George Vidalia
AA 1973 Back Jackson, Kenny Haynesville
AA 1973 Back Glaser, Gary Catholic (PC)
AA 1973 Back Trimble, Warren Tallulah

A 1973 End Jackson, Allan Wesley Ray
A 1973 End Ibert, Mim Hanson
A 1973 Tackle Soileau, Joe Elton
A 1973 Tackle Cooper, Pete Sicily Island
A 1973 Guard Savoie, Buddy Ascension Catholic
A 1973 Guard Lofton, Ronnie Sicily Island
A 1973 Center Dennis, Kenny Sicily Island
A 1973 Running Back Waguespack, Ryan Ascension Catholic
A 1973 Running Back McCauley, Garland Plain Dealing
A 1973 Running Back Womack, Floyd Greensburg
A 1973 End Noel, Mike Ascension Catholic
A 1973 End Oliver, Danny Plain Dealing
A 1973 Tackle Noro, Huey Loreauville
A 1973 Tackle Ballay, Ron Port Sulphur
A 1973 Guard Tobey, Phillip Buckeye
A 1973 Linebacker Speed, Larry Greensburg
A 1973 Linebacker Davenport, Billy Joe Sacred Heart (VP)
A 1973 Linebacker Alexander, Keith Second Ward
A 1973 Defensive Back Gammill, Joey Episcopal
A 1973 Back Lasserre, Larry Ascension Catholic
A 1973 Back Buller, Joey Sacred Heart (VP)

AAAA 1974 End Serpas, Jack Southwood
AAAA 1974 End Davenport, Max Ray Captain Shreve
AAAA 1974 Tackle Hines, Bruce Neville
AAAA 1974 Tackle Perry, George South Lafourche
AAAA 1974 Guard Delesdernier, Mark Holy Cross
AAAA 1974 Guard Jones, Chuck Tara
AAAA 1974 Center Bechel, Ronnie Brother Martin
AAAA 1974 Quarterback Stewart, Elgin Capitol
AAAA 1974 Running Back Calandro, Tommy Tara
AAAA 1974 Running Back Garrett, Troy Covington
AAAA 1974 Running Back Schaff, Greg Rummel
AAAA 1974 End Hoyle, Tracy Fair Park
AAAA 1974 End Chenier, Ken Opelousas
AAAA 1974 Tackle Gordon, Joe West Jefferson
AAAA 1974 Tackle Hernandez, Ed Tara
AAAA 1974 Guard McCann, Ardis Fair Park
AAAA 1974 Linebacker Smith, Spencer Glen Oaks
AAAA 1974 Linebacker Taullie, Butch West Jefferson
AAAA 1974 Linebacker Lawton, Jack Sulphur
AAAA 1974 Deep Back Cottrell, Mark Fair Park
AAAA 1974 Deep Back Nicar, Kent Morgan City
AAAA 1974 Deep Back Spruiell, Scotter Tara

AAA 1974 End Fatharee, Andrew Bolton

AAA 1974 End White, Chuck Richwood
AAA 1974 Tackle Gehl, John Jesuit (SH)
AAA 1974 Tackle LeBlanc, Rhett Central (BR)
AAA 1974 Guard Beal, Roderick Richwood
AAA 1974 Guard Carr, Michael Peabody
AAA 1974 Center Welch, Lavon Franklinton
AAA 1974 Quarterback Magee, Andre Franklinton
AAA 1974 Running Back Durant, Nat Amite
AAA 1974 Running Back Stewart, Mike Bolton
AAA 1974 Running Back Price, Harry Eunice
AAA 1974 End Paggett, Ronnie Jonesboro-Hodge
AAA 1974 End Baudoin, Mike Abbeville
AAA 1974 Tackle Martin, Ray Central (BR)
AAA 1974 Tackle LeBlanc, Wayne Destrehan
AAA 1974 Guard Butler, Melvin Plaquemine
AAA 1974 Linebacker Slack, Danny Jesuit (SH)
AAA 1974 Linebacker Fisher, John Bolton
AAA 1974 Linebacker Derry, Albert Richwood
AAA 1974 Deep Back Currier, David Amite
AAA 1974 Deep Back Buuck, Harry Woodlawn (BR)
AAA 1974 Deep Back Charles, Edgar Destrehan

AA 1974 End Campbell, Ed Marion
AA 1974 End Washington, Vernell Belle Chasse
AA 1974 Tackle Smith, Mark South Cameron
AA 1974 Tackle Kemp, Bob Newman
AA 1974 Guard Sims, Sammy Haynesville
AA 1974 Guard Comeaux, Bobby Opelousas Catholic
AA 1974 Center Pettijean, Mark Notre Dame
AA 1974 Quarterback Stevens, Felton Marion
AA 1974 Running Back Reece, Laney Delhi
AA 1974 Running Back Robichaux, Andy Berwick
AA 1974 Running Back Ball, Brian St. Martin
AA 1974 End Orbro, Damion Opelousas Catholic
AA 1974 End Favron, Calvin White Castle
AA 1974 Tackle Brantley,  James Delhi
AA 1974 Tackle Baham, Mike Loranger
AA 1974 Guard Jordan, Richard Haynesville
AA 1974 Linebacker Comeaux, Bobby Opelousas Catholic
AA 1974 Linebacker Johnson, Terry Port Allen
AA 1974 Linebacker Beer, Ken Newman
AA 1974 Deep Back Meadors, James Haynesville
AA 1974 Deep Back Todd, Trey Newman
AA 1974 Deep Back Jenson, Herman Newellton

A 1974 End Ashford, Donnie Pride
A 1974 End Ibert, Mim Hanson
A 1974 Tackle Cooper, Pete Sicily Island
A 1974 Tackle Downing, Jimmy University Lab
A 1974 Guard Nunez, Ricky Teurlings Catholic
A 1974 Guard Cupir, John Pride
A 1974 Center Conley, Ricky St. Mary
A 1974 Quarterback Wright, David St. Mary
A 1974 Running Back Williams, Merlin Grambling Lab
A 1974 Running Back Womack, Floyd Greensburg
A 1974 Running Back Piazza, Mark Vermilion Catholic
A 1974 End Oliver, Danny Plain Dealing
A 1974 End Riche, Terry Cottonport
A 1974 Tackle Perot, Petey St. Mary
A 1974 Tackle Walker, Steven University Lab
A 1974 Guard Arvie, Allan Elton
A 1974 Linebacker Graugward, Milton Ascension Catholic
A 1974 Linebacker Romero, Brian St. John-Plaquemine
A 1974 Linebacker Davenport, Billy Joe Sacred Heart (VP)
A 1974 Deep Back Schiro, Jamie Merryville
A 1974 Deep Back Kyle, Tony Cottonport
A 1974 Deep Back McDowell, Donnie University Lab

AAAA 1975 End Floyd, Mike Sulphur
AAAA 1975 End Wright, J.S. Carroll
AAAA 1975 Tackle Blackwell, Tim Covington
AAAA 1975 Tackle Gunnell, Willie Hahnville
AAAA 1975 Guard Honore, Byron St. Augustine
AAAA 1975 Guard Gisclair, Tommy South Lafourche
AAAA 1975 Center Bradley, John Ed Opelousas
AAAA 1975 Quarterback Ernst, Lou Brother Martin
AAAA 1975 Running Back Neal, Perry East Jefferson
AAAA 1975 Running Back Jones, Leroid Baker
AAAA 1975 Running Back Lewis, Charlie Bossier
AAAA 1975 End Lewis, Charlie Carroll
AAAA 1975 End Adams, Mike South Lafourche
AAAA 1975 Tackle Deer, Danny Rummel
AAAA 1975 Tackle Bruhl, Kyle Covington
AAAA 1975 Guard Gibson, Percy St. Augustine
AAAA 1975 Linebacker Blackshire, Jimmy Bossier
AAAA 1975 Linebacker Stubbs, Mark Covington
AAAA 1975 Linebacker Hansen, Jack Sulphur
AAAA 1975 Defensive Back Lane, Bob Neville
AAAA 1975 Defensive Back Barrios, Richard Covington
AAAA 1975 Defensive Back Tregele, Tim Morgan City

AAA 1975 End Peltier, Chuck Rayne
AAA 1975 End Mitchell, Floyd Lutcher
AAA 1975 Tackle Champagne, Randy Rayne
AAA 1975 Tackle Connell, Allen Bolton
AAA 1975 Guard Milton, Terry Springhill
AAA 1975 Guard Harris, Bradley Denham Springs
AAA 1975 Center Boussel, Sidney Lutcher
AAA 1975 Quarterback Caldarero, Curt Lutcher
AAA 1975 Running Back Wilridge, Wayne Rayne
AAA 1975 Running Back Parks, Mike Winnsboro
AAA 1975 Running Back Hebert, Barry Abbeville
AAA 1975 End Sutton, Norman Catholic (BR)
AAA 1975 End Ward, Wayne Wossman
AAA 1975 Tackle Myers, Donald Ponchatoula
AAA 1975 Tackle Arbello, Tony Amite
AAA 1975 Guard Green, Lonnie Simsboro
AAA 1975 Linebacker Brown, Charlie Lutcher
AAA 1975 Linebacker Butler, Osborne Rayne
AAA 1975 Linebacker Folse, Nathan St. James
AAA 1975 Defensive Back Jones, Benny Springhill
AAA 1975 Defensive Back Daingerfield, John Wossman
AAA 1975 Defensive Back Ruffin, Terry Catholic (BR)

AA 1975 End Campbell, Ed Marion
AA 1975 End Lane, Richie Cathedral
AA 1975 Tackle Trahan, Scott John Curtis
AA 1975 Tackle Domingue, Mark Cathedral
AA 1975 Guard Peak, Craig Walker
AA 1975 Guard Bourgeois, Tommy Berwick
AA 1975 Center Petitjean, Mark Notre Dame
AA 1975 Quarterback Kaiser, Anthony Melville
AA 1975 Running Back Fontenot, Senia Kinder
AA 1975 Running Back Dupuis, Russell Opelousas Catholic
AA 1975 Running Back Brewin, Steve Pearl River
AA 1975 End Robichaux, Gibbs E.D. White
AA 1975 End Campbell, Ed Marion
AA 1975 Tackle Carter, Willie Marion
AA 1975 Tackle Alsandor, Butch Opelousas Catholic
AA 1975 Guard Bhibodeaux, Benji Notre Dame
AA 1975 Linebacker Bailey, Lee Vidalia
AA 1975 Linebacker Wells, Wayne  Donaldsonville
AA 1975 Linebacker Archer, Tom John Curtis
AA 1975 Defensive Back Kyle, Tony Cottonport
AA 1975 Defensive Back Delapasse, Wayne Brusly
AA 1975 Defensive Back Robichaux, Gil Berwick

A 1975 End Baudoin, Perry Second Ward
A 1975 End Trabona, Alex Livonia
A 1975 Tackle Williams, General Sterlington
A 1975 Tackle Kelly, Alvin Second Ward
A 1975 Guard Broussard, Tommy Pride
A 1975 Guard Marshall, Brandon Grambling Lab
A 1975 Center Conaly, Gary St. Mary
A 1975 Quarterback Wright, David St. Mary
A 1975 Running Back Barrileaux, Craig Hanson
A 1975 Running Back Beckwith, Lary Gilbert
A 1975 Running Back Soileau, Danny Elton
A 1975 End Cockern, Ron Live Oak
A 1975 End Hyams, Mark St. Mary
A 1975 Tackle Phillips, Claude Port Sulphur
A 1975 Tackle Shoptaugh, John University Lab
A 1975 Linebacker Broussard, Tommy Pride
A 1975 Linebacker McDuff, Charles University Lab
A 1975 Linebacker McClendon, Scott University Lab
A 1975 Defensive Back Broussard, Phillip Elton
A 1975 Defensive Back Williams, Eric Southern Lab
A 1975 Defensive Back Dunbar, J.P. Delcambre

AAAA 1976 End Quinn, Marcus St. Augustine
AAAA 1976 End Wallis, Lionel South Terrebonne
AAAA 1976 Tackle Watson, John Bossier
AAAA 1976 Tackle David, Mark Sulphur
AAAA 1976 Guard Brumfield, David Istrouma
AAAA 1976 Guard Gregory, Garry Shaw
AAAA 1976 Center Dufrene, Marty South Lafourche
AAAA 1976 Quarterback Mahfouz, Robbie Lafayette
AAAA 1976 Running Back Jones, Jeff Rummel
AAAA 1976 Running Back McClendon, Theron DeRidder
AAAA 1976 Running Back Hernandez, Jude Istrouma
AAAA 1976 End Holloway, Trip Covington
AAAA 1976 End Parker, Wayne Istrouma
AAAA 1976 Tackle Ingram, Scott Ouachita
AAAA 1976 Tackle Thomas, Randy Istrouma
AAAA 1976 Guard Bruhl, Kyle Covington
AAAA 1976 Linebacker James, Calvin Comeaux
AAAA 1976 Linebacker Burckel, Daryl Rummel
AAAA 1976 Linebacker Wolsefer, Raymond Istrouma
AAAA 1976 Defensive Back McCorkel, Doug Istrouma
AAAA 1976 Defensive Back Lane, Bob Neville
AAAA 1976 Defensive Back Finucane South Terrebonne
AAAA 1976 Kicker James, Raymond Bogalusa

AAA 1976 End Lesley, Alex Winnsboro
AAA 1976 End Delaney, Joe Haughton
AAA 1976 Tackle Mack, Gene Jesuit (SH)
AAA 1976 Tackle Vicknair, Jeff Lutcher
AAA 1976 Guard Cartier, Ron St. Paul
AAA 1976 Guard Verret, Nathan Jennings
AAA 1976 Center Musaceehia, Sam Salmen
AAA 1976 Quarterback Caldarero, Curt Lutcher
AAA 1976 Running Back Smith, Rodney Mandeville
AAA 1976 Running Back Johnson, Nathan Winnfield
AAA 1976 Running Back Williams, Chris Tioga
AAA 1976 End Robinson, Johnny Ruston
AAA 1976 End Scalisi, Martin Abbeville
AAA 1976 Tackle Rachal, Murphy Pineville
AAA 1976 Tackle Tanguis, Jeff Catholic (BR)
AAA 1976 Guard Simon, Wilfred Lutcher
AAA 1976 Linebacker Capone, Brent Catholic (BR)
AAA 1976 Linebacker Himel, Herlin Eunice
AAA 1976 Linebacker Jefferys, Floyd Wossman
AAA 1976 Defensive Back Page, Greg Jesuit
AAA 1976 Defensive Back Etzel, Todd Winnsboro
AAA 1976 Defensive Back Brown, Dennis Winnfield
AAA 1976 Kicker Scott, Steve Jesuit (SH)

AA 1976 End Jones, Kim Sacred Heart (VP)
AA 1976 End Richard, Mike Marion
AA 1976 Tackle Edwards, Chuck Block
AA 1976 Tackle Thibodeaux, Benji Notre Dame
AA 1976 Guard Comeaux, Mike Opelousas Catholic
AA 1976 Guard Sanchez, Walter John Curtis
AA 1976 Center Wiggins, Lewis Vidalia
AA 1976 Quarterback Gianfala, Billy Church Point
AA 1976 Running Back Christian, Wendell St. Louis
AA 1976 Running Back Prevost, Mike Notre Dame
AA 1976 Running Back Valentine, Dennis White Castle
AA 1976 End Broussard, Glenn Port Barre
AA 1976 End Jones, Ronnie Tallulah
AA 1976 Tackle Morgan, Karl Vandebilt  Catholic
AA 1976 Tackle Alsandor, Butch Opelousas Catholic
AA 1976 Guard Thibodeaux, Benji Notre Dame
AA 1976 Linebacker Baham, Bruce Indepedence
AA 1976 Linebacker Sebastain, Scott Opelousas Catholic
AA 1976 Linebacker Wells, Wayne  Donaldsonville
AA 1976 Defensive Back Critton, Jerry Homer
AA 1976 Defensive Back Oestriecher, Earl John Curtis
AA 1976 Defensive Back White, Marty Tallulah

A 1976 End Boudoin, Perry Second Ward
A 1976 End Wilson, Lynn LaSalle
A 1976 Tackle Vercher, John St. Mary
A 1976 Tackle Shaw, Tommy Kentwood
A 1976 Guard Concienne, Ray Hanson
A 1976 Guard Stagg, Pat St. John
A 1976 Center Rushing, Joel Live Oak
A 1976 Quarterback Pierre, Jimmy Second Ward
A 1976 Running Back Verdun, Rodney Hanson
A 1976 Running Back Robiskie, Vernon Second Ward
A 1976 Running Back Robottom, Hernandez St. Charles
A 1976 End Hyams, Mark St. Mary
A 1976 End Manning, Doug Sterlington
A 1976 Tackle Bowers, Bradley Port Sulphur
A 1976 Tackle Delahaye, Lou St. John
A 1976 Guard Bazinet, Mike Elton
A 1976 Linebacker Blakesley, Pat Hanson
A 1976 Linebacker Finister, Carl Sicily Island
A 1976 Linebacker Chretien, Larry Elton
A 1976 Defensive Back Harris, Chris LaSalle
A 1976 Defensive Back Smith, Mike Woodlawn
A 1976 Defensive Back Breaux, Jay St. Edmund

AAAA 1977 End Goines, Jessie Captain Shreve
AAAA 1977 End Cortez, Toby Lafayette
AAAA 1977 Tackle Aston, Larry Ouachita
AAAA 1977 Tackle Dearie, Steve Bonnabel
AAAA 1977 Guard Dore, Johnny New Iberia
AAAA 1977 Guard Downing, Eric Glen Oaks
AAAA 1977 Center Mott, Steve Shaw
AAAA 1977 Quarterback Fourcade, John Shaw
AAAA 1977 Quarterback Wilcox, Tommy Bonnabel
AAAA 1977 Running Back Hector, Johnny New Iberia
AAAA 1977 Running Back Jackson, Kenny Glen Oaks
AAAA 1977 Running Back James, Raymond Bogalusa
AAAA 1977 Kicker James, Raymond Bogalusa
AAAA 1977 End McGrew, sylvester West Jefferson
AAAA 1977 End Brown, Emanuel Carroll
AAAA 1977 Tackle Forester, Noel Slidell
AAAA 1977 Tackle Mack, Keith Huntington
AAAA 1977 Guard Pickens, Arthur Opelousas
AAAA 1977 Linebacker Prvenzano, Angelo Shaw
AAAA 1977 Linebacker Dillion, David South Lafourche
AAAA 1977 Linebacker Childers, James  Southwood
AAAA 1977 Defensive Back Britt, James Glen Oaks
AAAA 1977 Defensive Back Rougeau, Clay LaGrange
AAAA 1977 Defensive Back Songy, Darryl St. Augustine

AAA 1977 End Shuff, Larry Sam Houston
AAA 1977 End Harrison, Eria Salmen
AAA 1977 Tackle Schexnayder, Clyde Lutcher
AAA 1977 Tackle Tharpe, Tim Menard
AAA 1977 Guard Duhon, Mike Abbeville
AAA 1977 Guard Pope, David Haughton
AAA 1977 Center Campbell, Scott Central (BR)
AAA 1977 Quarterback Risher, Alan Salmen
AAA 1977 Running Back Lee, Henry Amite
AAA 1977 Running Back Montz, Mike Lutcher
AAA 1977 Running Back Robertson, Dwight St. Paul
AAA 1977 Kicker Chachere, T.C. Eunice
AAA 1977 End Grappe, David Haughton
AAA 1977 End Charles, Darrell St. Martinville
AAA 1977 Tackle Morgan, Karl Vandebilt  Catholic
AAA 1977 Tackle Alford, Mike Salmen
AAA 1977 Guard Senegal, Elton Washington
AAA 1977 Linebacker Hilton, David Menard
AAA 1977 Linebacker Strogen, Bobby Haughton
AAA 1977 Linebacker Monson, John Richwood
AAA 1977 Defensive Back Thomas, Alvin Donaldsonville
AAA 1977 Defensive Back Williams, Everett Haughton
AAA 1977 Defensive Back Sibley, Bernard Denham Springs

AA 1977 End Tuminello, Al Port Barre
AA 1977 End Johnson, Curtis St. Charles
AA 1977 Tackle Harris, Ralph Loranger
AA 1977 Tackle Theriot, Tim St. Louis
AA 1977 Guard Haynes, James Tallulah
AA 1977 Guard Shockley, Keith Loranger
AA 1977 Center Shaheen, John White Castle
AA 1977 Quarterback Kysar, Mike Port Barre
AA 1977 Running Back Boatner, Mack White Castle
AA 1977 Running Back Beginelli, Reggie Newman
AA 1977 Running Back Capdeboscq, Mike Loranger
AA 1977 Kicker Clement, Leo Notre Dame
AA 1977 End Henderson, ronnie Indepedence
AA 1977 End Yarbrough, Danny White Castle
AA 1977 Tackle Habetz, Bryan Notre Dame
AA 1977 Tackle Hemperly, Johnny Jonesboro-Hodge
AA 1977 Guard Ranatza, Ronald John Curtis
AA 1977 Linebacker Carter, Doug John Curtis
AA 1977 Linebacker Stewart, Dennis Haynesville
AA 1977 Linebacker Unkel, Mike Kinder
AA 1977 Defensive Back Daigle, David Iota
AA 1977 Defensive Back Fields, Greg Opelousas Catholic
AA 1977 Defensive Back Harrell, Charles Jonesboro-Hodge

A 1977 End Vienne, Mike St. Mary
A 1977 End Dunagan, Johnny Basile
A 1977 Tackle Adkins, Mark St. Mary
A 1977 Tackle Shaw, Tommy Kentwood
A 1977 Guard Wilson, Jim Greensburg
A 1977 Guard Miller, Jay St. Edmund
A 1977 Center Andrus, Chuck St. Edmund
A 1977 Quarterback Conant, Mike St. Mary
A 1977 Running Back Jones, Bobby St. Mary
A 1977 Running Back Finister, Carlton Sicily Island
A 1977 Running Back Straughter, Roosevelt Mangham
A 1977 End Michiel, Raymond Central Catholic
A 1977 End Montogomery, Mitchell Southern Lab
A 1977 Tackle Gilbert, Mark St. John-Plaquemine
A 1977 Tackle Orville, Darrell Plaisance
A 1977 Guard Bazinet, Mike Elton
A 1977 Linebacker Strate, Larry Catholic (PC)
A 1977 Linebacker Roberts, Kenny Southfield
A 1977 Linebacker Davis, Randy Sterlington
A 1977 Defensive Back Townsend, Billy St. Mary
A 1977 Defensive Back Newton, Gene Country Day
A 1977 Defensive Back Barrow, Gray University Lab

AAAA 1978 End Blackwell, Jimmy Woodlawn (SH)
AAAA 1978 End Smith, Wayne G.W. Carver
AAAA 1978 Tackle Orgeron, Edward South Lafourche
AAAA 1978 Tackle Chandler, Jimmy Jesuit (NO)
AAAA 1978 Guard Broussard, Gerald Lafayette
AAAA 1978 Guard Hernandez, mark Istrouma
AAAA 1978 Center Mott, Steve Shaw
AAAA 1978 Quarterback Prudhomme, Dwight Lafayette
AAAA 1978 Guard Moore, Tim Landry
AAAA 1978 Linebacker Richardson, Albert Lee
AAAA 1978 Linebacker Sanders, Ricky West Monroe
AAAA 1978 Linebacker Williams, Lawrence Lake Charles
AAAA 1978 Defensive Back Cannon, Jr. Billy Broadmoor
AAAA 1978 Defensive Back Songy, Darryl St. Augustine
AAAA 1978 Defensive Back Mathies, Donald Covington
AAAA 1978 Kicker Moore, Dana Belaire

AAA 1978 End Harrison, Eric Slidell
AAA 1978 End Stevens, Rufus Richwood
AAA 1978 Tackle Roux, Robert Denham Springs
AAA 1978 Tackle Burks, Mike Central (BR)
AAA 1978 Guard Malone, Bart Tioga
AAA 1978 Guard Mahley, Boyd St. James
AAA 1978 Center Lanier, Donald Ponchatoula
AAA 1978 Quarterback Risher, Alan Salmen
AAA 1978 Running Back Jackson, Jerome Lutcher
AAA 1978 Running Back Robinson, Kelvin Denham Springs
AAA 1978 Running Back Fontenette, Johnny St. Martinville
AAA 1978 End Jefferson, Greg Franklinton
AAA 1978 End Charles, Darrell St. Martinville
AAA 1978 Tackle Morgan, Karl Vandebilt  Catholic
AAA 1978 Tackle Dardar, Ramsey Cecilia
AAA 1978 Guard Sutton, Lionel Amite
AAA 1978 Linebacker Dossett, Drew Jesuit (SH)
AAA 1978 Linebacker Strogen, Bobby Haughton
AAA 1978 Linebacker Upton, Jim Slidell
AAA 1978 Defensive Back Williams, Everett Haughton
AAA 1978 Defensive Back Hutchinson, Chris Wossman
AAA 1978 Defensive Back Washington, Lionel Lutcher

AA 1978 End Ramsey, Terry Winnfield
AA 1978 End Marantel, Mike Oberlin
AA 1978 Tackle Stringer, Chuck John Curtis
AA 1978 Tackle Glancy, David Newman
AA 1978 Guard Edwards, Darrell Kinder
AA 1978 Guard Pugh, Scott Notre Dame
AA 1978 Center Hathaway, Bill St. Louis
AA 1978 Quarterback Malone, Michael Jonesboro-Hodge
AA 1978 Running Back Reginelli, Reggie Newman
AA 1978 Running Back Moore, Billy Indepedence
AA 1978 Running Back Hilliard, Curtis Patterson
AA 1978 End Kammler, Pip Newman
AA 1978 End Wycoff, Rich Cottonport
AA 1978 Tackle Grigg, Woody Winnfield
AA 1978 Tackle Bount, Willie Indepedence
AA 1978 Guard Steib, Damon E.D. White
AA 1978 Linebacker Michel, Manuel John Curtis
AA 1978 Linebacker Chatman, Ricky Winnfield
AA 1978 Linebacker Hargoder, Dwayne Opelousas Catholic
AA 1978 Defensive Back Gallinhouse, Joey Newman
AA 1978 Defensive Back Hill, Ernest Oak Grove
AA 1978 Defensive Back Gerami, Glenn Teurlings Catholic
AA 1978 Kicker Jones, David E.D. White

A 1978 End Marceneaux, Mike Goretti
A 1978 End Carter, Clarence Kentwood
A 1978 Tackle Harper, Arthur West St. John
A 1978 Tackle LeJeune, Glenn Catholic (PC)
A 1978 Guard Goulas, Jeff Hanson
A 1978 Guard Roy, Allen Catholic (PC)
A 1978 Center Rinaudo, Marty Catholic (PC)
A 1978 Quarterback Riley, Renell Port Sulphur
A 1978 Running Back Jones, Bobby St. Mary
A 1978 Running Back Straughter, Roosevelt Mangham
A 1978 Running Back Wimberly, James St. Edmund
A 1978 End Hossley, Kirk St. Edmund
A 1978 End Sebren, Dennis Mangham
A 1978 Tackle Batholomen, Rodney Port Sulphur
A 1978 Tackle Davis, Ricky Loreauville
A 1978 Guard Goree, Eduard Southern Lab
A 1978 Linebacker Mann, Johnny University Lab
A 1978 Linebacker Kerry, Kimball Sicily Island
A 1978 Linebacker Strate, Larry Catholic (PC)
A 1978 Defensive Back Battley, Moe Catholic (PC)
A 1978 Defensive Back Fuselier, Todd St. Edmund
A 1978 Defensive Back Jackson, Mickey Gilbert
A 1978 Kicker Duhe, Brian Catholic (PC)

AAAA 1979 End Smith, DeWayne G.W. Carver
AAAA 1979 End Lewis, Mike Southwood
AAAA 1979 Tackle Broussard, Barry Acadiana
AAAA 1979 Tackle Gambrell, Mike Slidell
AAAA 1979 Guard Bourgeois, Ben Sulphur
AAAA 1979 Guard Major, Don Lee
AAAA 1979 Center Neusetzer, Scott Baker
AAAA 1979 Quarterback Littleton, Gary Sulphur
AAAA 1979 Running Back Robinson, Kelvin Denham Springs
AAAA 1979 Running Back Cannon, Jr. Billy Broadmoor
AAAA 1979 Running Back Durel, Junius Acadiana
AAAA 1979 End Moore, Marcus Woodlawn (SH)
AAAA 1979 End Smith, Hugh Shaw
AAAA 1979 Tackle Davis, Bruce Jesuit (NO)
AAAA 1979 Tackle Cooper, Lindsey Broadmoor
AAAA 1979 Guard Gambrell, Mike Slidell
AAAA 1979 Linebacker Kullman, Wayne H.L. Bourgeois
AAAA 1979 Linebacker Fauntleroy, Clayton Covington
AAAA 1979 Linebacker Regan, Marty Captain Shreve
AAAA 1979 Defensive Back Daniels, Eugene Lee
AAAA 1979 Defensive Back Ancar, Troy St. Augustine
AAAA 1979 Defensive Back Broussard, Gerald New Iberia
AAAA 1979 Kicker Wagner, James St. Augustine

AAA 1979 End Lewis, Marty Cecilia
AAA 1979 End Harrison, Craig St. James
AAA 1979 Tackle Turner, Greg Wossman
AAA 1979 Tackle Milligan, Robert Washington
AAA 1979 Guard Kilson, Donald Wossman
AAA 1979 Guard Ricard, David Plaquemine
AAA 1979 Center Dorsey, Kip Plaquemine
AAA 1979 Quarterback Falgoust, Keith St. James
AAA 1979 Running Back Tate, Raymond Minden
AAA 1979 Running Back Jarvis, Byron Donaldsonville
AAA 1979 Running Back Sanders, Reggie  Hammond
AAA 1979 End Scobey, Joe Richwood
AAA 1979 End Finn, Shirra Amite
AAA 1979 Tackle Motton, Donald Donaldsonville
AAA 1979 Tackle Roussel, Terry Lutcher
AAA 1979 Guard Francis, Ken Jennings
AAA 1979 Linebacker Melancon, Rydall St. James
AAA 1979 Linebacker Nixon, Walter Plaquemine
AAA 1979 Linebacker Ward, Larry Vandebilt  Catholic
AAA 1979 Defensive Back Handy, Alex Plaquemine
AAA 1979 Defensive Back Octave, Willis St. James
AAA 1979 Defensive Back Vanderlick, Clay Menard
AAA 1979 Kicker Bailey, Mark Hammond

AA 1979 End Guidry, Kevin Teurlings Catholic
AA 1979 End Ambrose, Carl St. Louis
AA 1979 Tackle Trepagnier, Phillip Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
AA 1979 Tackle Lafargue, Joe Kinder
AA 1979 Guard Jordan, Tim Winnfield
AA 1979 Guard Burns, Jeff John Curtis
AA 1979 Center McGinnis, Mark Pearl River
AA 1979 Quarterback Vincent, Kent Teurlings Catholic
AA 1979 Running Back Hilliard, Dalton Patterson
AA 1979 Running Back Lafout, Camille John Curtis
AA 1979 Running Back Jordan, Buford Iota
AA 1979 End Vilo, Randy Patterson
AA 1979 End Billeaud, Ricky Cathedral Carmel (Lafayette)
AA 1979 Tackle Wickboldt, Alan John Curtis
AA 1979 Tackle White, James Rayville
AA 1979 Guard Cummings, Craig Winnfield
AA 1979 Linebacker Chatman, Ricky Winnfield
AA 1979 Linebacker Bagley, Brian John Curtis
AA 1979 Linebacker Batiste, Derrick St. Louis
AA 1979 Defensive Back Dale, Jeffrey Winnfield
AA 1979 Defensive Back Spencer, Louis Mansfield
AA 1979 Defensive Back Jones, Creighton Lake Arthur
AA 1979 Kicker Fontenot, Tony Sacred Heart (VP)

A 1979 End Robinson, Dale Sicily Island
A 1979 End Coleman, Guy Kentwood
A 1979 Tackle Leger, Brandon St. Edmund
A 1979 Tackle Reeves, David Oberlin
A 1979 Guard Roy, Allen Catholic (PC)
A 1979 Guard Hopkins, David Oak Grove
A 1979 Center Leake, Kenny Sicily Island
A 1979 Quarterback Hookfin, Reggie Kentwood
A 1979 Running Back Courville, Blake St. Edmund
A 1979 Running Back Espadron, Jeff Port Sulphur
A 1979 Running Back McCastle, Raymond Sicily Island
A 1979 End Harrington, Tony St. Mary
A 1979 End McGinty, Mike Ecole Classique
A 1979 Tackle Madison, James Gilbert
A 1979 Tackle Richard, Kevin St. Edmund
A 1979 Guard Cage, Byron Kentwood
A 1979 Linebacker Nezat, Kenny St. Edmund
A 1979 Linebacker Stark, Todd Merryville
A 1979 Linebacker Wentzel, Clinton Country Day
A 1979 Defensive Back Battley, Moe Catholic (PC)
A 1979 Defensive Back Comeaux, Columbus Delcambre
A 1979 Defensive Back Jackson, Mickey Gilbert

AAAA 1980 End Edwards, Randy Barbe
AAAA 1980 End Suggs, Mike Southwood
AAAA 1980 Tackle Schexnyder, Steve Broadmoor
AAAA 1980 Tackle Rodriguez, Raoul Jesuit (NO)
AAAA 1980 Guard Jacobs, Eddie Brother Martin
AAAA 1980 Guard Peterson, Bret New Iberia
AAAA 1980 Center Dupont, Robert John Ehret
AAAA 1980 Quarterback Byrd, Timmy East St. John
AAAA 1980 Running Back Ayres, Scott Barbe
AAAA 1980 Running Back Fenerty, Gil Jesuit (NO)
AAAA 1980 Running Back Guidry, Pat New Iberia
AAAA 1980 Kicker Kelley, Roger Captain Shreve
AAAA 1980 End St. Germain, James Rummel
AAAA 1980 End Curtis, Earl Northside
AAAA 1980 Tackle Boudreaux, Chris Northside
AAAA 1980 Tackle Thrower, Bobby Broadmoor
AAAA 1980 Guard Kittok, Eric Jesuit (NO)
AAAA 1980 Linebacker Bass, Mark Bossier
AAAA 1980 Linebacker Durkee, Todd Lafayette
AAAA 1980 Linebacker Pinella, Scott H.L. Bourgeois
AAAA 1980 Defensive Back Kelly, Aldon Green Oaks
AAAA 1980 Defensive Back Hightower, Jeff Captain Shreve
AAAA 1980 Defensive Back Orgeron, Barry South Lafourche

AAA 1980 End Reed, Benton Woodlawn (BR)
AAA 1980 End Minor, Wayne Ferriday
AAA 1980 Tackle Weber, James Hammond
AAA 1980 Tackle Turner, Greg Wossman
AAA 1980 Guard Harlan, Hal Haughton
AAA 1980 Guard Richard, David Plaquemine
AAA 1980 Center Morrow, Chris Washington
AAA 1980 Quarterback Warren, Wayne Franklinton
AAA 1980 Running Back Tate, Raymond Minden
AAA 1980 Running Back Hutchinson, Mike Wossman
AAA 1980 Running Back Baptiste, Teirron Warren Easton
AAA 1980 End Comanche, Ronald Wossman
AAA 1980 End Finn, Shirra Amite
AAA 1980 Tackle Williams, Larry Amite
AAA 1980 Tackle LeBlanc, Bryan Woodlawn (BR)
AAA 1980 Guard Tabor, Hank Pineville
AAA 1980 Linebacker Douglas, Anthony Minden
AAA 1980 Linebacker Richard, Harry Plaquemine
AAA 1980 Linebacker Thomassie, Gerald Vandebilt  Catholic
AAA 1980 Defensive Back Brignac, Timmy Woodlawn (BR)
AAA 1980 Defensive Back Housley, Sterling Amite
AAA 1980 Defensive Back Verrett, David Westlake
AAA 1980 Kicker Parker, Clay Caldwell

AA 1980 End Guidry, Kevin Teurlings Catholic
AA 1980 End Wells, Arthur Mansfield
AA 1980 Tackle Lafargue, Joe Kinder
AA 1980 Tackle Michael, Mike John Curtis
AA 1980 Guard Avant, Darrell Indepedence
AA 1980 Guard Dupont, Steve Rayville
AA 1980 Center Foreman, Johnny Notre Dame
AA 1980 Quarterback McHan, Lance John Curtis
AA 1980 Running Back Dubroc, Greg John Curtis
AA 1980 Running Back Hilliard, Dalton Patterson
AA 1980 Running Back Smith, Trinion Kinder
AA 1980 End Fair, Otis Vidalia
AA 1980 End Smith, Kenneth Delhi
AA 1980 Tackle Simpson, Michael Mansfield
AA 1980 Tackle May, John Patterson
AA 1980 Guard Homer, Vernon Belle Chasse
AA 1980 Linebacker Bagley, Brian John Curtis
AA 1980 Linebacker Robichaux, Vance Opelousas Catholic
AA 1980 Linebacker Neal, Craig Block
AA 1980 Defensive Back Dale, Jeffrey Winnfield
AA 1980 Defensive Back Williams, Robert Jonesboro-Hodge
AA 1980 Defensive Back Talley, Mike Pearl River
AA 1980 Kicker Shively, Joe Block

A 1980 End Aldredge, Corwyn St. Mary
A 1980 End Rhinehart, David Oak Grove
A 1980 Tackle Vallot, Robert Gueydan
A 1980 Tackle Turner, Kurt Pride
A 1980 Guard LaCoste, Mark Port Sulphur
A 1980 Guard O'Pry, Chip St. Frederick
A 1980 Center Kidd, Mark Crescent City
A 1980 Quarterback LaCoste, Scotter Catholic (PC)
A 1980 Running Back Courville, Blake St. Edmund
A 1980 Running Back Bolden, Terry Logansport
A 1980 Running Back Dorsey, Wallace Woodland
A 1980 Kicker Speice, David Ridgewood Prep
A 1980 End Lee, Vincent Gilbert
A 1980 End Bolden, Vernon Southern Lab
A 1980 Tackle Bowers, Todd Port Sulphur
A 1980 Tackle Gant, Kurt University Lab
A 1980 Guard Goree, Eduardo Southern Lab
A 1980 Linebacker Dabella, Paul Crescent City
A 1980 Linebacker Richard, Scott St. Edmund
A 1980 Linebacker Kinchen, Brian University Lab
A 1980 Defensive Back Stutes, Chris St. Edmund
A 1980 Defensive Back Rodriguez, Michael Hanson
A 1980 Defensive Back Deville, David St. Mary